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People seem to forget that selling your product trumps lawsuits. Samsung is extemely reliable in manufacturing its parts, do much so that the new iPad almost exclusively uses their displays right now while other companies continue to ramp up production. Apple is in a business, not a lovers quarrel.
Don't confuse "intuitive" with "easy to use". If you were to give a brand new computer user the choice between Metro in Windows 8 and Windows 7, I really think most would pick Metro because it's FAR simpler. That and the fact that the average computer user doesn't tap into most of the functionality of Windows compared to a power user should indicate that it's not really designed for them to begin with.RT stands for RunTime. WinRT is the API which Metro is built off of,...
There are extras, the problem is that the Apple TV doesn't support them for some reason. Boggles the mind.
Ditto. If there isn't an announcement for the iOS 6 SDK event in the next week or two, there will not be a new iPhone until the Fall. And honestly, because of the number of LTE networks Apple needs to be compatible with if they want to roll out support this year, later is better than sooner.
No more numbers. It gets stupid after a while.
Considering they own 70% of the MP3 market, that s not too surprising. I'd wonder at what frequency do they replace those Apple products.
Man, the new iPad hasn't even been out for two weeks and we've already entered Apple rumor silly season.
I'm hoping we'll see 3rd party API support for Siri in iOS 6.
I think it's a horrible idea to put Steve Jobs on a pedestal, because we get things like Address Book and iCal in Lion which I'm pretty sure every tech person universally hates. I personally like the new UI because of two things: 1) It is far more scalable to new apps than the previous UI which hid everything in pull down menus. It's more future proof for the App Store for Apple TV we all know is coming. 2) It's a lot easier for a new user to navigate and find things...
Yes, the MDM9615 should support Voice over LTE, though Verizon and AT&T won't be turning it on their networks until next year.
New Posts  All Forums: