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It looks like Spaces compatibility was fixed but it's not mentioned anywhere in the release notes. I'd still say that's some shoddy QA; Leopard was out for 3 months when Office 2008 was released!
Awesome. I'm going to med school next year and my iPhone will be doing double-duty! Now, I can get my parents to buy me a new 3G one!
Woohoo 802.1X support!
Acid3 says otherwise: http://acid3.acidtests.org/
Here's the thing, Flash doesn't provide any crucial benefit that one really needs on the go (otherwise they'd have a laptop). Flash is used on the web for 2 things: games and ads. We don't like ads and games would better handled by the iPhone SDK. I can see why people are whining, but Flash serves little purpose on the iPhone besides sucking up battery life.
Here's to hoping they include 802.1X WiFi support as well.
A monkey could tell that the one-carrier business model doesn't do very much for Apple. They would make a lot more money selling the phone by itself and sorting out other details later.
Since a 3G iPhone is unlikely to work on T-Mobile, you'll probably see more people switch to AT&T once their contract is up. I know I am.
I am betting the price drop in Sept. took into account the fact that they would be making more money through revenue sharing which doesn't occur with unlocked phones. Apple is still probably very pissed that 30% of their iPhones aren't "official" to them. Promotes the idea of "why change carriers when you can unlock one yourself?".
Anything to fudge the numbers so that Apple shareholders don't realize that iPhones are more popular unlocked than locked. I certainly wouldn't have one if not for the dev team.
New Posts  All Forums: