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Don't desktop web browsers cache data and images?
No, but everything is an estimate.
Samsung's 32nm process isn't ready, as even they haven't shipped out any chips for there phones. And Apple would have had to make this decision months ago, you don't just suddenly switch from 32nm back to 45nm.
More importantly, Chrome was continuing along the path of "rising upstart" while Firefox was left in the dust. And after all that blustering from Google, they were only talking the talk and not walking the walk, primarily at Mozilla's expense. I'm hoping now that HTMl5 video becomes more and more ubiquitous so we can get rid of Flash where it makes sense to do so.
If traditional laptops go away and are replaced by devices like the ASUS Transformer Prime, it's certainly possible in 2 years. I would actually like for Microsoft and Google to succeed as that's when Apple does it's best work. There's an extra push that only comes from having strong competitors. But for the next 9 months or so, it's clear who the tablet leader will be.
I expect even stronger demand this year, especially after it launches. A Retina display will probably be one of the few things Apple does that actually does make a previous model obsolete, as it's something you use 100% of the time while using an iPad. $399 iPad 2 gets you into the store, but the Retina display will make you spend more. It's brilliant.
How did you get the extras? I tried with a digital copy of Captain America but it just downloaded an SD copy of the movie and nothing else.
I'd just use the SpeedTest.net app. >10Mbps = likely LTE.
Verizon model also works outside the US. And they added a new 1GB/$20 plan today.
It's probably just a collection of chips with one core disabled. FAR cheaper than custom designing a new one.
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