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Whenever you bought a movie before, iTunes always downloaded multiple versions, and you had an option of syncing whatever you thought was best.
Hopefully the latter, otherwise the iPad 2 might as well have had LTE.
More RAM is almost always good for power consumption for a very simple reason: you need way more power to reload assets that you have to regenerate from closing an app or downloading data from a network resource (especially if that resource involves a cellular radio instead of WiFi) than keeping that data in RAM. When you have to reload data from the Internet, the OS need to turn on the WiFi/cellular radio, check to see if there's a connection, pray that connection is...
More power is used grabbing data over a network again than storing it in RAM. And there are few applications that would use all 4 cores effectively (heck, most don't bother to use two because it's really not needed).
The problem with looking at theoretical limits of a technology is that it involves devoting more spectrum than realistically possible to hit that limit. It is easier for 100 LTE devices to be using 15Mbps of data at the same tower than HSPA+ because it's more spectrally efficient. However, I think the comment about HD video is rather silly, because the only reliable source for that content is iTunes, and it would only take two high quality 720p movies would blow through a...
Considering Apple has already locked up a large percentage of profits in the mobile space, going after marketshare in these countries is foolish. Companies exist to make money, not to have everyone using their products (the former does not always mean the latter). The last time a company was in a position like this was Motorola and the original RAZR cost $500. It quickly became commoditized over the years and lost its luster.
Lower in power, but like all technology, the more you use it, the faster your battery drains itself.
Here's the bigger, more fair question. If Walt Mossberg ever had anything genuinely negative to say about Apple, would he print it? I mean they invited John Gruber over the New York Times, who has millions more readers as a company. Regardless of who you are, I prefer honest reviews about products instead of paid ones, which is why unless a journalist is willing to put down their own money for a product without any special access, I already consider it tainted. But to...
What no regular AirPlay? Sometimes I just want to send the system audio over, instead of having the app do it. And good lord, please have a clear all button in Notification Center. I hate having to tap super tiny buttons on my iPhone twice to clear my notifications.
I really hope it's not two separate LTE models for AT&T and Verizon. That would totally suck.
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