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Yep, it's about as dumb as requiring separate pipes for each ISP wanting to connect to your home, creating the de facto duopoly system we have now.
I believe it's delayed by a day.
At this point, I have more faith in Microsoft doing TV apps via the Xbox 360 than Google doing apps through Google TV.
Umm... Apple hasn't updated the Mac Pro because there haven't been any new CPUs to update to. And unless you really count CPU bumps as updates, the rest of the Mac lineup only gets one meaningful performance update a year. The chassis itself hasn't changed for years, and new GPUs can be released separately from the Mac Pro. If anything, Apple is waiting so that it can add Thunderbolt support and maybe even USB 3.0 (sadly, the Intem Sandy Bridge-E doesn't include it).
I'm hoping that LTE iPads and unlocked iPhones will be able to switch from one network to the next in the US with a simple SIM card swap. There's no reason if I spend $300 on Verizon and my contract is up, I shouldn't be able to take that same phone and have it work on AT&T or Sprint.
There are never more than three options of Windows to buy.
That's stretching the truth a bit too thin. Practically speaking, there are only two versions of Windows worth caring about, Home Premium and Professional, and 99% of people only need Home Premium. If your computer came with Windows 7 Professional, you can only upgrade to Windows 8 Professional so you don't loose features.
Yep, my app sales are so abysmal on the Android Market compared to iOS, I cannot fathom developing another app for that platform. It's about 10:1 favoring iOS. With those odds, developing for Android is simply a waste of time if your goal is to make a real amount of money. All Microsoft needs to do is say "You will make more money on Windows Phone than on Android" and it's game over. And I think Windows 8 will play a huge part in that happening as I expect you'll be able...
The Fire is very similar to most v1 Apple devices, sure the first version has some attractive points, but what you really want is v3 or v4 which has been heavily refined over years of feedback. Probably the most interesting thing about it is the 7" form factor, which at least makes it possible to hold in one hand (not so with an iPad).This greatly increases portability and opens it up to new use-cases. I really do think it's only a matter of time until we get a...
I expect some of these shortcomings to be fixed when Amazon updates the Kindle Fire OS to Android 4.0. Other than that, I wasn't really surprised in the results. Android 2.x isn't that great when it comes to supporting modern standards. Performance is subpar and only masked on phones because of processors that range from 1.2-1.5Ghz to make up for the OS' shortcomings. Considering Apple gets better performance only running it's CPUs at 800Mhz, it's pretty clear to me that...
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