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Doubtful on better CPUs and GPUs. As a owner of the current 2011 MacBook Pro, it's pretty obvious that the cooling system wasn't designed for 45W TDP CPUs, and a thinner enclosure won't help that problem. If anything, I expect then to lower the TDP with a cooler chip and focus on battery life. I hope they hake the 1680x1050 res screen standard.
AT&T has never offered to unlock an iPhone, even if it's out of contract. Verizon and Sprint will not activate an iPhone that was not initially provisioned for their network on day of sale. The fear that customers will get an exclusive phone then unlock it and run off is kinda silly since you end up paying an ETF anyway to cover the full cost of the phone. And at least for AT&T, going to T-Mobile means a loss of 3G. Unless they really care than much about phones being...
They probably had a simple financial choice: spend money on a 4G LTE network or subsidizing iPhones but not both. As a CDMA carrier, the longer you don't have a 4G network, the worse off you are going to be in the future, regardless of what phones you offer. I predict they'll get the next iPhone with LTE built-in.
Why buy the Xoom when you can get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or ASUS Transformer? Both are much better products.
Finally, a sane article in this TV business, but it doesn't go far enough. There are still going to be plenty of people who are perfectly happy with the current HDTV they have (whether they recently bought it or brand loyalty) so I'm wondering why these content deals wouldnt be for the current AppleTV as well, a far more mass market device than a $1000+ TV.
Some useful reading: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4925/w...-28nm-maturity
At that point, either your pricing it to be affordable or your stuffing in all of those features you requested. You can't really have both. There's no way to hide the price via subsidy with the iPhone, and TV makers are already operating on thin margins (something Apple doesn't do).
The sad thing is I think the studios would sooner kill a helpless baby than to let that happen. They don''t want to effectively cede control of their market to Apple. Keep in mind that if you actually had to PICK what you wanted to watch, more than half the cable channels would disappear, including the one obscure channel you might be interested in. The current system only works because they play round robin with the money they collect to prop up channels that wouldn't be...
Why would an iTunes TV Pass not be on the already released and very cheap $99 AppleTV? Do you think it would be a great strategy to make it exclusive to a $2000+ TV set? And again, I have to keep pointing out that no matter what grand scheming ideas Apple may have, if the TV studios do NOT want to provide Apple with the content for this device, it'll just be an overpriced HDTV. Both Dell and HP can tell you how that went. The problem with the music player and phone market...
An iPad without your favorite apps is mostly just a nifty web browser. And you have to remember back then that there wasn't really much, if any, syncing between the iPad and the iPhone like there is now with iCloud. Of course, I think he was much more proud of himself after the iPad 2 launch as people literally clamored for the device.
New Posts  All Forums: