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Can someone please explain to me the point in having an app of a website rather than just improving the mobile website? It just seems like a huge inconvenience, but maybe I'm missing something.
Are you serious? This is a separate division of Samsung and I can guarantee that Samsung needs Apple as much if not more than Apple needs them. Do you have any idea how much Samsung makes for providing the CPUs? It's not like Apple is begging them for free CPUs.
I've never purchased anything from the App Store before on a Mac, so this may be a "stupid" question but currently when I used to purchase FCP I would be able to install it on two computers and both would work. Is there such limitations with FCP X now that it is through the App Store? Will I need to purchase it multiple times to use it on more than one computer or will it be similar to how the iPhone works that it recognizes I purchased it once already and will re-download...
I had the money set aside for a white iPhone 4 when it was originally going to be released and my contract was up. I'm still being patient and waiting. If I'm going to spend money on something that is going to last me 2+ years I'm going to wait for them to release it the way I want it.
Do you think you can email me the UIC-Wireless profile? I private messaged you my email. Thanks
I'm in the same situation as you. I go to UIC also. I know you have to use the iPhone utility configuration utility. I've configured it to be what I believe it should be. I get to the point where I join the network, enter my netid and password and verify the certificate and a check mark is placed next to the uic-wireless network but I never actually get on wireless. It is hanging somewhere.
Hi, I'm trying to work on a friend's iPhone 3g. His Edge Network connection works. His 3G Network connection does not work. On my iPhone 3G I receive a 3G Network connection without any problems. When I turn on his 3G his shows signal and the 3G icon. When I go to Safari it returns saying safari cannot load page because it needs a network connection. If I try to use safari with 3G turned off (using edge) it works without a problem. Any ideas on why this...
Marvin - What if they are on the same network? Can I activate each one but only have the one registered? Is it going to give me an error when trying to run multiple at the same time?
Thank you, that is what I was assuming. So I guess I will have to do that for the next 2 or 3 months till my budget restarts and can afford to buy 2 more copies.
Hi, I have been receiving hell from the graphics department at my school because they all don't have the same fonts. This looks like the simplest solution but the only problem is I do not have a Mac OS X Server...my school will not put out the money to buy a mac os x server. We do have a Windows 2003 Server though. Is it possible to use this Network/Library/Fonts folder in a way with Windows 2003 Server? Or is there a program that people have had very good success...
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