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I just sent him 20€   No much, but my heart was in it :)
OK, "Out for Delivery." So sometime today....
Today it shows on the Apple site as shipping from Louisville.... where they obviously held them for overnight shipment and tomorrow delivery.
AdonisSMU is spot-on...   After not finding "My Profile" on Apple's Support page, I simply googled: "my support profile site:apple.com" without quotes...   And voila, there was "My Profile," including my iPad Mini serial number... which when plugged in as a Reference Number into UPS Tracking indicated it's in Louisville, KY   It continues to be shown on Apple's order status site as "Preparing For Shipment."   But I'm not anxious... certainly...
SMU's Adonis is a true web detective!
32GB White, ordered 3:08am, Friday the 26th... has not.   Simultaneous order of light grey cover is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday the 29th, from Shenzhen!
Maybe if you asked first in Portuguese, then if no response repeat in Cantonese, Wu wei, or Mandarin?
3:10am EDT, 32GB White, light grey cover. No delays, no waiting... got in, got out. Rolled over... went back to sleep. Steve inspired it, Tim financed it, Phil introduced it... Now it's all up to Shenzhen
Ain't that 3:01am for those of us on the Right Coast?   P.S. Where did you see 12:01am PDT?
The question is, how early can us East Coasters order? I pre-ordered the iPhone 5 around 9:30am on the Friday pre-order day... and received it on Tuesday, four days after the "promised Friday."   I suspect if you don't order soon after 3:00am EDT Friday, actual delivery will be delayed.... how much is your guess.   Yes, local stores will have ample supplies to satisfy the 8:00am queue... again, the ratio of the number of people in the queue to the number they...
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