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"Rapper Lil Wayne wearing $1M custom (diamond encrusted, hyper-bling) Beats headphones." This is absolutely ridiculous [it's also stupid]. Think of how much good Lil' Wayne [or Dr. Dre, etc.] *could have done* for the poor, homeless and starving people in this country with that $1M. But then again, perhaps that kind of symbolism is what Rap/Hip-Hop is all about...
Yeah, just look at the state of the Airlines these days. A bus ride from hell that cost *much* more than it's now worth. De-regulation and increased competition worked great for that industry, didn't it???Don't forget the terrestrial and wireless telephone industries as well as the whole banking mess...
How is this superior technology to iOS???
As much I adore the Mac Pro, it wouldn't bother me one bit if they reduced or even eliminated the damn handles. They're extremely fragile, and can't really be repaired if they get bent or misaligned in the slightest. As already stated, they also make the machine *much* larger and more cumbersome than it needs to be.   But it is one beautiful machine, ain't it?  
No announcement because they're still hard-at-work, cutting the "handles" off...  
Not sure if I will I own one of these next month, or a year from now, but I *will* own one. It's hard to think of a feature one might want in a laptop that's not available, here. WOW!
Funny, I was thinking of the word "Bag" just before I read your comment... There is no excuse for this kind of corporate greed. Oh, wait a minute. They've simply been watching the whoreish bunch in charge over at COMCAST!
Almost no one has had as big an influence on my day-to-day life, as you. Thank you. You will be missed.
Why don't you go play with your flashing LED stuffed, gaming PC???
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