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Put me down for 3
All my favorite sites (like this one) are reasonable with the ads. There are some linkbait sites that are simply ridiculous with the ads.
Event Triggers and user profiles are going to make this version of Homekit the one that should be delivered.
AWESOME!!! You'll have my 100 dineros soon.
My Hue works great as well so long as Comcast isn't screw up my webs.
shouldn't Bluetooth 4.0 have accomplished the same thing?
I figured HomeKit was going to be an iOS 9 thing.
Love the web features and waiting with baited breath on reports of how the scripting works. Haven't used FM all that much but I'm looking to learn.
Enjoyed his work. I wonder who's going to become the heir apparent.
I hope iOS 9 merges some of the voice tech from the Novauris acquisition.
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