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Sonos today has more viable competition than ever.   Bose has their multi-room audio with Airplay support and many of the DTS PlayFi stuff I've seen supports Airplay natively.    I've been stuck circling in the air about whether to see if Airplay gets a nice bump in features. start building a Sonos system and now with companies like Martin Logan and Paradigm making DTS Playfi systems that's another option to consider.    Guess I'll wait to see how things shake out by...
I realize this could be tongue in cheek but let's keep this conversation a bit less incendiary. 
Apple doesn't have to worry about Tesla patents.   They have Walter White like stashes of money and frankly Tesla is just a wet dream for most people who simply will not spend 65K plus on a vehicle no matter how cool.    Apple really doesn't need to deliver an elite car.  It simply has to be very good and affordable (sub 50k).   I don't really need a car that does 0-60 in under 3.5 seconds. 
I'm basically dreaming because where would Apple put a secure enclave on OS X?   I know BT has encryption but is it suitable for something like Touch ID?  I think we're going to see Touch ID in Macs show up in laptops first because of the lack of needing BT connectivity and then perhaps support can be extended to connectable accessories. 
I'll pay a premium for a input device with Touch ID.
Far be it for me to disregard a person's attempt at atonement. As one person said "actions speak loudly" if he keeps his behavior in check then that is a net positive in my book.
In a utopian world companies hire the best person for the job but the issue is what exactly constitutes "best"? So much of work and collaboration is working with people and knowing that you all meet the requirements and fundamentals but transcending all of the other variables. Our children today should be raised with a more international mindset and not assume that everyone they meet will be from the came culture or ethnic group. Easier said that done but large global...
Put me down for 3
All my favorite sites (like this one) are reasonable with the ads. There are some linkbait sites that are simply ridiculous with the ads.
Event Triggers and user profiles are going to make this version of Homekit the one that should be delivered.
New Posts  All Forums: