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Enjoyed his work. I wonder who's going to become the heir apparent.
I hope iOS 9 merges some of the voice tech from the Novauris acquisition.
The GPS, OBD integration and ANT could lead to some interesting usage.
Wiser heads prevail. Thank you
I'll download it tonight. I've already been testing 10.10.x via Appleseed. Downloading 8.3 right now. Glad I restored both my iPhone and iPad the night before. Photo Library is working much better now.
I don't mind it. I think this thing makes more sense than the Hue Beyond or Phoenix product lines. Yes it's a bit expensive but I'd only need one or two of these. I'll wait and make sure the durability is where It should be As a Hue owner with 7 bulbs (FYI Lux bulbs are $19 at the Apple Store) I think that Philips is going to reduce the pricing of its bulbs to remain competitive with Cree and OSRAM Lightify products. Lately their offerings have been way too...
Kanye's star is fading with his antics. Madonna, hard to say how many Madonna fans will flood the service. Daft Punk is solid but probably a bit niche. What's going to likely propel Beats above all other offerings save for Spotify will be its integration into the OS. I'm waiting for access to Beats music in apps like iTunes, Apple TV and Algoriddim's Djay and more. Those that want to jump into the music streaming arena today are much like those that thought opening a...
I think a big reason to move away from Thunderbolt is the reliance on Intel. With USB C Apple has the flexibility to support USB on non Intel platforms.
One of the first setting changes I will do. Love it. Of course this feature will be turned OFF for my son.
I'm not surprised. $10 a month about an album a month purchased but grants access to a much wider catalog. I'd like to see Apple find a way to straddle the bridge between those that occasionally like to own the music versus rent.
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