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Excellent point that people tend to forget.   Not only do I want dimming capability but I also want to put bulbs in and know they're going to last long and save me money.   After having my Hue now for 5 months I really couldn't go back to the old manual way of flicking light switches.   I'm ready to start building a Mac mini based Indigo system and lighting is first thing I want to maximize.  Rumor has it that the next light will be the smaller MR10 size of which 4 are in...
Companies "should" always be actively recruiting.  Whatever expenses that occurred in training a given employee are irrelevant.  Non-disclosure agreements prevent the unlawful dissemination of trade secrets.   The important thing to realize here is that your are not a person to a company.  You are simply an asset.   When they have need for you, you are engaged when they no longer have need for your services you are discarded.   A Free Market means that human assets should...
Legally binding is a moot point.     If education can be defined by property (Intellectual Property) then you have a 5th Amendment issue here.       One of the reason to attend a Top 10 school is to increase your job opportunities and attain a salary commensurate  with you education.   If companies are allowed to create "any" friction in this market then it has a chilling effect on  the benefits of Higher Education.   What good is a Stanford degree if you choose a...
absurdly low hardly grasps the depths of the how bad this is.   Restricting someone from obtaining fair value for their education is a direct affront on their Liberty and Property.   That's arguably a 5th Amendment violation.
Damages should be in the tens of millions.    Education is expensive.  Companies that engage in anti-poaching behavior should really have the book thrown  at them.   
My preference would be for an 8-bay chassis and i'd run RAID-10.    I like media apps like Logic and Final Cut Pro.  I don't want parity striping and  long rebuild times.    Next year i'll be looking at offerings from QNAP, Synology, Thecus and more.   I'm hoping Thunderbolt gets cheaper but I still think we're a couple more revisions from it being just a slight premium over today's connectivity. 
They're going to have to be smart about it though.   The aim with productivity software is to allow the end user to be productive.   When creating an Excel spreadsheet you can choose to use scripting knowing that it may make the file unreadable to other versions but that's a decision for the creator.   I hope Apple delivers software that has excellent round tripping across the Browser,  mobile and desktop but also always for some of the unique characteristics of each to be...
I'm a sucker. Bought it for the cool physics stuff.
For some reason I have never really liked Promise storage.   But I'm happy to know my next Macbook Pro will have Thunderbolt 2 if only for bragging rights. 
No scripting support.    We are going through the Dark Ages of software.   I struggle to come up with a recent example of a software program that has delighted me. 
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