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Until you actually need to get work done. Then you grab your Mac
It's nice but a bit premature.     Right now home automation is still in its infancy.   The reliable stuff is coming from you Nexia, Alarm.com and other subscription services.   Once the market has expanded and there are more solutions that actually work then voice enabling them will be powerful.   I'm still not seeing many comprehensive "roll your own"  HA setups. 
Interesting.  Saw the AwoX StriimLight and now this.   I think it's a good idea depending on the sound quality.   As crazy as it sounds it may be a good option for those rooms you'd never think a speaker should be in (i.e bathroom) 
I'm not seeing much technology added to new homes here where I live. Mind you that i'm about 25 minutes away from Microsoft's campus. We have a LOT of tech people in this locality yet homes that I toured this summer had "maybe" whole house audio. No networking, no Nest quality thermostats or home automation features. Only one builder (Quadrant) had forward leaning designs with their Evoke Modern (evokemodern.com). It's not like consumers don't want this stuff. But...
Next up for me is a BR30 bulb and more of the A19 bulbs.     I love my hue system but i'm certainly looking for a revamped iOS app that  doesn't forget my remote settings and uses space more efficiently.    Rumor is the next Hue bulb is the MR16 and I've got four in my living room just waiting to  get HUE'd up. 
Godspeed jragosta.   Many of us knew you well and while you were strong in your convictions you were as fair as a person ought to be.   I'm saddened that he was recalled far too soon.   My blessings go to the Ragosta family. 
Poor availability isn't good for smartphones any longer.   My lady and I will be getting our 5s soon and i'm glad to see production has caught up to demand.   I'm no longer into scrambling to buy a device.  
Excellent point that people tend to forget.   Not only do I want dimming capability but I also want to put bulbs in and know they're going to last long and save me money.   After having my Hue now for 5 months I really couldn't go back to the old manual way of flicking light switches.   I'm ready to start building a Mac mini based Indigo system and lighting is first thing I want to maximize.  Rumor has it that the next light will be the smaller MR10 size of which 4 are in...
Companies "should" always be actively recruiting.  Whatever expenses that occurred in training a given employee are irrelevant.  Non-disclosure agreements prevent the unlawful dissemination of trade secrets.   The important thing to realize here is that your are not a person to a company.  You are simply an asset.   When they have need for you, you are engaged when they no longer have need for your services you are discarded.   A Free Market means that human assets should...
Legally binding is a moot point.     If education can be defined by property (Intellectual Property) then you have a 5th Amendment issue here.       One of the reason to attend a Top 10 school is to increase your job opportunities and attain a salary commensurate  with you education.   If companies are allowed to create "any" friction in this market then it has a chilling effect on  the benefits of Higher Education.   What good is a Stanford degree if you choose a...
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