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 AlvarezLuis is banned.    I don't hang out on Android board and spew out my hatred for all things Android.  Dissenting opinion is ok but if you hate Apple and the products from Apple there's little point in being a part of this community.    We have Android fans here and that's fine. They offer a unique approach to mobile phone OS that many of us do not know and many have thick skin (most of the time ...wink AbsoluteD)  but Alvarez has overstepped the boundaries...
    infraction given.  This post serves nothing but to be an incendiary target.   We value insightful commentary here even if it runs  counter to what Apple fans like but look at your post here and ask yourself "what value did I bring"     I think you'll find the answer too close to zero.  
    iCloud is light years beyond MobileMe.  I've done multiple restores from iCloud and it's worked just fine and Photostream isn't a gallery replacement.  That's going to likely be iPhoto's Journal feature.   You couldn't be more wrong here.     
I'd say Retina Display in 2013.    I see at this point SSD in EVERY Mac going forward.  The Pro will have a blade SSD and a HDD and will be sans optical drive.     
People of Greenpeace's slanted focus I have lost all faith in them. Justice should be blind. When GP targets Apple it's clear they are doing it to gain notoriety and that to me sullies their goal. Plus the concept of using nutjob protesters went out over a decade ago as an effective strategy.
Apple thinks about software strategies to get people to purchase Mac hardware. The vast majority of Apple's profits come from the sales of hardware. If Apple was a software driven company they would be licensing their software including the OS. But they don't because the software is just a dongle for the expensive hardware.
QFT Apple's goal is to put more shiny devices in someones home. Once that's realized then talk about new product is easier to understand.
A ten inch screen is too small to properly address a great tablet app.
LOL ...true
The new iPad has immense battery density. 42 mAh is incredible. But lets look at why A5X processor: fabbed at 45nm HUGE GPU Baseband chips fabbed at 45nm (nextgen will be 28nm) Retina Display : Requires dual light bars. -----------------Apple should be able to cut that battery in half and still power a smaller tablet for 10 hours. They may be able to use AMOLED or IGZO displays for more efficient power draw. The A5 processor in the Apple TV and iPad 2 is 32nm and...
New Posts  All Forums: