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 Aren't the pixel shapes different from computing displays versus HDTV displays?
I"m guessing a A7 or variant alongside a Broadcom BCM7364 for HEVC support.  I think 4K is a shoe in because if the rumors are true that Apple's investing in more content distribution infrastructure they could leverage an efficient codec like HEVC to not only deliver 4K content but to also shrink their current 1080p content to half its size.  I figure during the handshake processor for streaming a movie the servers notice that HEVC decoding is available and sends the...
That makes the most sense.  There's no need to pre-announce a product that supposedly isn't shipping until Christmas time "unless" it requires the support of 3rd party software developers.  Pretty much a tacit confirmation of App store support. 
I LOVE the word "ignominious".  Excellent job sir.  I'm going to reserve judgement on the wearables until I start seeing some killer applications.   I think it's going to take some truly awesome (and accurate) sensors beyond what i'm seeing in 80 % today. 
Oh yes    Make it 4K UHD Apple.  
$400 sounds a bit on the high side.  Toss in a A7 which has more than enough Oomph for games.   Add the Routing functionality and 16GB of NAND storage (should cost no more than the 8GB that Gen 3 comes with)   I'm thinking $199-249   Apple keeps Gen 3 around at $99 for those that don't need the extra features. 
I had wondered what streaming would be like with two Apple TV.  I'm guessing there's about a 10ms latency between the streams.  Wonder if the Apple TV 4th Gen will use the new Broadcom WICED stuff that sends sync data in the wifi packets.   imagine being able to have accurate sync of audio to video with Airplay speakers.  I also think that having a HDMI pass through would make integration even easier.   I spend a majority of my time switching between my cable-box and Apple...
I'm ready to cash in my 75 dollar Apple Store credit for buying an iPad Air on Black Friday. Bought my Gen 3 Apple TV when it launched a couple of years ago in March and it has gotten a LOT of use. I think that it's time for an Apple TV app store. I don't just want games I want news, podcasts and more coming from 3rd party. Integrating an 11ac router would be awesome because it can extend your network to every room that has a display. It also reduces the need to be...
Fadell had issues with Ive and Forstall.   He wasn't coming back to Cupertino anytime soon. 
I really don't need Google to spearhead royalty free CODEC.   They really haven't taken their product in a different area.     The darkhorse here is Daala    http://wiki.xiph.org/Daala   https://www.xiph.org/daala/   We'll see if Mozilla and Xiph can get this CODEC off the ground. 
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