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Nest owes a lot of it's attention to the fact that Fadell and Rogers were ex Apple Execs.   If they don't have that as a marketing piece the road they travel becomes much harder.    Nests technology is great but don't fool yourself into thinking that there isn't competition.    Netatmo Therm -  Neatly ties in to their weather station    Centralite Pearl Therm -  Will be using Zigbee Home Automation 1.2    Tado Therm - UK's best shot at a Nest...
I wonder if Google with do anything with Nest property myenergy.com 
Exactly   ADT sends me a placard every single month about their HA/Security services.  I'm surprised AT&T isn't pounding down my door along with Comcast.   This field is going to rapidly heat up as the big companies align themselves.   Nest wasn't going to survive without offering Subscription Services and a lot more products.   Smart move from them was to sell. 
I totally think Nest is more appropriate for Google rather than Apple because Google thrives off of info and that's what Nest will give them via their huge datasets.  What I want Apple to do here is let us know what side of the Home Automation are they going to come down on.  Zwave, Zigbee or 6LowPAN or some proprietary format of their own creation?   As much disdain as I have for the grandiose "Internet of Things" hyperbole being spouted off daily I do think this year is...
Fck Square  Dwolla is the purchase you want if you're talking financial transactions. 
"Innovation is in our DNA"     Could have fooled me Tim. 
Google's play here isn't the ads but the immense amount of data that  Nest's cloud was gathering.      Look for Google to make some more acquisitions within the home automation/green tech  space and leverage the huge opportunity they have here. 
I'm pretty excited for what 4K is going to mean for the iMac lineup.    The 4K displays announced at CES '14  under 32" were more affordable than I thought they would be.  It's totally feasible for Apple to deliver a 4K iMac with a 27" or larger display within the next two release  cycles.    Not only is 4K a book for resolution but Rec2020 should yield better color as well.         Now if software could just catch up to the hardware. 
New Posts  All Forums: