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 WET would fail.  What programming could you put on that ABC, CBS and NBC don't already cover?   The minute you put some fool from Amren on your advertisers would flee.  Really only small groups/culture need specific programming that isn't readily available on larger channels.    As one poster said before.  The important part is leveling the playing field for our K-12 academic institutions.  The key ingredient of poverty often is a single parent household, local schools in...
Is the 11ac Airport Extreme MIMO? 
Intel sees the writing on the wall.    Lenovo buys IBM's server biz for 2.3 Billion   The market for lower end server CPU is rapidly dwindling.   Virtualization has won.   You're only going to make money selling the big iron stuff if you're Intel.  Expect the scale of low to mid level chips to be reduced in the next few years.    Even Mobile CPU will face a challenge.   Tablets make for an already nice compromise.  How much R&D is Intel going to put in their mobile...
 OS X on ARM is really close. Most API run on both ARM (iOS) & OS X and Xcode targets them just fine. Rosetta is dead
It's time for Apple to start the preparation to migrate a portion of Macs away from Intel.  ARM 64-bit will make for a nice lower cost mini in 2-3 years IMO. 
Yup.  HEVC is going to make life for Netflix a whole lot easier once the hardware gets out an into homes.    Curiously Apple was rumored to be making a play in CDN (Content Delivery Network)   http://gigaom.com/2014/02/03/apple-is-reportedly-building-out-its-own-content-delivery-network/  The timing is coincidental isn't it? 
Add in Sprite Kit as well and it's obvious that iOS gaming is expanding out to the television.   We won't know for sure until Apple announces it but it's extremely likely. 
Betting it's a confluence of factors.  Supply -  Apple would need a lot of A7 processors and Broadcom supporting chips Software- I feel like it's non-trivial to take games from mobile devices to a larger TV smoothly.  Plus there needs to be wow factor.  I don't think the hardware is ready.   Broadcom just announced their new HEVC stuff with means volume production starts soon. 
 Aren't the pixel shapes different from computing displays versus HDTV displays?
I"m guessing a A7 or variant alongside a Broadcom BCM7364 for HEVC support.  I think 4K is a shoe in because if the rumors are true that Apple's investing in more content distribution infrastructure they could leverage an efficient codec like HEVC to not only deliver 4K content but to also shrink their current 1080p content to half its size.  I figure during the handshake processor for streaming a movie the servers notice that HEVC decoding is available and sends the...
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