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I don't think it's about qualifications or merit but rather seeking to get a wide dynamic range of people into areas that are under served.   I'm all for hiring Veterans and women in Tech. 
It's ok.  September makes for a better time-frame for me as well. 
I still think it's likely that Apple and Tesla come to an agreement but until that happens or not Apple's going to plumb the well and see what they come up with. I see little animosity with Tesla as the landscape really is competing with incumbent auto manufacturers who aren't sitting on their hands wrt to ICE vs EV.
Perhaps but I think Breen was better than Snell not by a whole lot but enough IMO.  I think Snell has more ambitions in writing and he's likely better off outside of the Hive. 
 That would be an interesting legal battle because Touch ID and other biometrics don't absolve passwords they just add another layer of authentication much like a keyboard is generally required to input said password. 
Uh oh    The Segway pt II 
New versions contain bug fixes.   Maybe not the bug fixes everyone is looking for but it's fallacious to infer that "new features" and "bug fixes" are mutually exclusive. 
I look at USB 3.1 and Type C connectors as almost an admission that Apple is going in another direction.  Thunderbolt will be on the high end Intel stuff but much of what a consumer needs is handled fine with 3.1/Type C 
I don't see why this isn't more abundantly obvious to many of you.   1.  ARM is going to own iOS and eventually the lowend OS X devices. 2. Intel isn't going away.   MBP, Mac Pro will remain Intel based.  How can you tell that this is happening.  Software:  Think about how many new API in Yosemite/iOS 8 were announced simultaneously,  Cloud Drive, Extensions, Photokit etc.  and I think we'll see this become a trend.  Both platforms are moving toward parity for good reason....
New Posts  All Forums: