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$60 annually sounds right. In my home music streaming plays second fiddle to Netflix. No way are we paying more for Music
I have a hard time complaining.     It used to be I bought the hardware and then had to cough up money for the OS & Apple applications.  Today the OS and a majority of Apple consumer applications are free.   The money to develop these has to come somewhere.    I don't mind the soldered RAM.   For my purposes an 8GB mini is fine.  What I can't wait to learn is what is involved in adding an SSD to it later.   
Glad you said this because right now the way my front door is hung it's anything but smooth.  I'm probably going to have to replace the Deadbolt with something much more smooth and make sure the door is aligned as well as possible.  This thing's motor can't be that strong. 
Christina El Moussa is pretty easy on the eyes.   My lady would probably like this show if they are good about showing homes and what they've done design wise.  We are big fans of The Property Brothers and the original (and formulaic Love It or List it)  
 Run game is great. I've seen Murray run before but he's like a new RB behind that OL.  Here in Seattle we've heard how good Tom Cable is yet I haven't seen a Seahawk OL that was particularly great at any one thing.  Lynch gets his yards because he's ridiculously hard to tackle but Wilson is still running for his life too much.  Cowboys look really good.  Glad they didn't give up on young HC  Back OT  HBO "blinking" could be HUGE for the future of media.   You can bet that...
 You sir have exquisite tastes.  HoW is a fantastic show.   All my household really needs is  HGTV/Food network to keep the lady happy. HBO AMC Sports That's it. 
Oh Seven Hells!    Where do I sign? 
 I see what you did there  (my emphasis added) 
 I use my garage door entry probably 50% of the time I plan on upgrading my opener to a Chamberlain next year with iPhone control  I live in a relatively crime free area where i've left my garage door open overnight and no one stole our bikes (yeah)  I value smart doorlocks and if the reviews are good I'll buy in for the convenience.  Awaiting the realworld results of this product. 
iApplewood LOL  Never a bad time to think about how bacon can improve your condition. 
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