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Oh Seven Hells!    Where do I sign? 
 I see what you did there  (my emphasis added) 
 I use my garage door entry probably 50% of the time I plan on upgrading my opener to a Chamberlain next year with iPhone control  I live in a relatively crime free area where i've left my garage door open overnight and no one stole our bikes (yeah)  I value smart doorlocks and if the reviews are good I'll buy in for the convenience.  Awaiting the realworld results of this product. 
iApplewood LOL  Never a bad time to think about how bacon can improve your condition. 
It would be more incentive for me to place Apple TV in every room where there's a compatible display and it would provide better indoor location. 
Please add iBeacon support as well. 
 At the expense of the credit card company which is why reducing fraudulent purchases let's them keep more profit.  As for Apple Pay terminals.  By 2015 I believe all pay stations will require EMV (chip) support anyways so those establishments that don't have NFC solutions will soon as they are forced to upgrade their terminal hardware.  Apple really is hitting the market at the right time with Apple Pay. 
Great    Love this.  Retina class graphics  should be everywhere including PC.      My 27" is just a year old so I've got about another 2 years before I upgrade by then I'm looking at Broadwell or Skylake and hopefully NVMe for SSD.    I don't think 4K is going to be feasible for anything but the most powerful computers for another refresh cycle or two. 
My Touch ID works and the updated failed yet I STILL lost carrier access.      Lucy! You have some 'splaining to do. 
Yup all cell connection lost. 
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