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It would be more incentive for me to place Apple TV in every room where there's a compatible display and it would provide better indoor location. 
Please add iBeacon support as well. 
 At the expense of the credit card company which is why reducing fraudulent purchases let's them keep more profit.  As for Apple Pay terminals.  By 2015 I believe all pay stations will require EMV (chip) support anyways so those establishments that don't have NFC solutions will soon as they are forced to upgrade their terminal hardware.  Apple really is hitting the market at the right time with Apple Pay. 
Great    Love this.  Retina class graphics  should be everywhere including PC.      My 27" is just a year old so I've got about another 2 years before I upgrade by then I'm looking at Broadwell or Skylake and hopefully NVMe for SSD.    I don't think 4K is going to be feasible for anything but the most powerful computers for another refresh cycle or two. 
My Touch ID works and the updated failed yet I STILL lost carrier access.      Lucy! You have some 'splaining to do. 
Yup all cell connection lost. 
Aarrgh  Too late.  My 5S is scuppered. 
Putting a 6 in your front pocket can be done but few are going to say it's a good idea.
 good detail at first glance. I'm at work so I'll need to read this when I have time at home.    DisplayPort over Type C USB is going to be huge for the potential of ARM based Macs. 
This is likely the Death Knell for Thunderbolt. I'm not saying this to be hyperbolic but with DP and USB 3.1 over a universal connector Apple gets what they wanted with Thunderbolt (single multi-protocol cable that supplies power) What they don't get is Intel lockin. This should be as applicable to ARM based platforms as it is Intel. Note that Apple hasn't really promoted Thunderbolt lately other than the Mac Pro and there's no rumor of Thunderbolt 2 displays.
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