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 Swift isn't a gaming API it's general purpose.  If a developer wants to keep things portable they'll simply write as much OpenGL code as they can. 
 Beats are no longer crappy.  They are owned by Apple now. 
So how is iTunes Match going to fit into this deal and how is Apple going to deliver higher bitrate music on the iTMS?    Lots of work to be done. 
Sir I'm gonna have to ask you not to offend my Yeezy and LeBrons.   They are still recovering from minor scuffs.  They're sensitive. 
Apple was wrong for that and should be punished. 
 The industry always wanted variable pricing.   Apple was an impediment to that. 
 Not really.   The music industry learned a valuable lesson.  They gave the Apple the car keys and look what happened.  Apple was able to grow to the point where they dictated terms like download pricing and other things.   They are now more wary about just giving Apple what it wants.   Iovine lends far more credibility than Eddie Cue.  Not because of a deficiency of Cue but rather Iovine does it all day every day. 
 The headphone line is profitable but that alone isn't the whole reason why the acquisition happened.  Iovine and Dre have connections. The headphones deliver profit and there's plenty of innovation that can happen here Beats Music....Apple should be ready to do something good iTunes/iTunes Radio/iTunes Match and now iSubscriptions LOL 
Think Iovine not speakers.   You can source great speakers all over.   This is about the talent and vision. 
looked at Dropcam as a potential baby monitor but balked because I really want total control of where my data resides.   Dropcam's back end is really nice.  The ability to skim through video feeds and see changes is really cool. Their website does a great job demoing the power.  I know I'll eventually need about 4-5 cameras and currently their pricing for this amount of cams and good monitoring is more than I want to spend. 
New Posts  All Forums: