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PSA:      The Beats Pill sounds like crap.   If you have a budget of $200 for a bluetooth speaker.   The choices are simple.    1. Jambox Mini  2. Bose Soundlink Mini 3. Logitech UE Boom    Reviews of the Play 1 are damn good.   I'm torn.  Luckily I don't have to make a decision anytime soon.  
I did my fair share of touring new home construction East of Seattle and what i've found is that basically few builders  care at all about offering any kind of modern wiring for homes.     I'm glad that we have 802.11ac routers finally from Apple but my hope is that these are rapidly updated with more functional models in the next 24 months.     I think the typical home that has a plethora of smart phones, tablets, laptop/desktop and networked media devices is...
I've read a few reviews and they've all been positive about the Play 1.    Clearly it is a loss leader  product but it's really tough to make a decent sounding speaker with networking for sub $200.    My Libratone Zipp sounds pretty good but it's twice the cost of the Play 1. 
And makes some BIG waves    http://www.bose.com/controller?url=/shop_online/wifi_music_systems/index.jsp&intcmp=HPPANEL1    Pandora streaming only right now but more services are coming.    Airplay support  NAS support coming  Lossless supporting coming (ALAC, FLAC)    Speakers  SoundTouch 30 - $700  SoundTouch 20- $400  SoundTouch Portable - $400    SoundTouch Acoustimass systems ready  SoundTouch Digital Amp for existing speakers  SoundTouch...
I'm not buying the hype that we're in a Post PC era.   Mobile is certainly strong but  I'd be loath to give up my MBA and iMac 27 to move to iPhone/iPad only I loathe that thought.    Next Mac up with be a Haswell Mac mini and then I'm hoping to to replace my MBA and my gf MBP  with rMBP next spring.    As always Apple has models coming in the wings and the Mac cognoscenti know to wait. 
I think a hybrid device like a Smart SD/CO detector could eventually  morph into a multi-faceted device that has Bluetooth Beacon support.    If i'm going to put these things in every room and on every floor the ability  of my home to know where I am (perhaps via a wrist worn BLE capable device)  would be fantastic.    I think Nest may be a tad bit early with this device but then again until we see a teardown  and get to see how much power is behind these SD we...
Was never a fan of Cue in the couple of times I tried it. 
Interesting timing for this rumor.    Nest just opened their API for the Thermostat.    http://nest.com/blog/2013/09/25/calling-all-developers/
 Can't wait until you receive some hardware to further your testing.   iBeacon sounds like it could be a winner especially if there are solid commercial and residential usage scenarios. 
There's a bit of miscommunication regarding Bluetooth pairing.    While non BLE Bluetooth devices can take seconds to pair BLE is designed to  pair in 6ms.  Orders of magnitude faster making the connection "feel" like it's always live.    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluetooth_low_energy#Radio_interface   I hope iBeacons handles more than just navigation.  While indoor Nav is a nice features a more powerful  feature would be the ability to have iBeacons trigger...
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