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Financial Times reports the deal is already done aside from some last minute details.  Beats has to have patents because they've licensed beats technology to auto manufacturers and computer companies like HP.  
 The story is all deeper.  Companies don't spend a billion dollars without putting some thought into it.   The "layers" here are the most interesting thing.  You've got a urban music luminary,  an influential exec and a young but solid core team that is currently curating music well.   The real question is what Beats Electronics has in the pipeline whether it be software, hardware or just great ideas that meshed well with Apple. 
 I remember those days.   Glad Apple didn't listen.  Or Bose for that matter.   My bubble cannot be burst because it's fortified with  Audio Research , Wilson & Dynaudio  Ok ..I don't own any of this stuff but that's the dream before my ears fade. 
 From what i've read the Beasts Music curation is largely human.  Whatever they've done they are ahead of the competition in quality...for now. http://www.digitalmusicnews.com/permalink/2014/01/21/beatsmusic I really need great music curation.   Any service can slam me into the Top-40 stuff.  I want to feel as though i've got my own personal DJ on staff that knows what I like. 
 Very true.  Disclaimer  I own Beats Pro Headphones  http://www.beatsbydre.com/headphones/pro/beats-pro.html  I'm 100% sure that I could have found some better headphones at $400 but I only paid half through employee purchase.  Aside from being far too heavy they sound better than most cheaper headphones as they should.  If I was actually going to spend $400 these PSB M4 would be on the short list http://www.crutchfield.com/p_760M4U2/PSB-M4U-2-Black.html Eventually I plan...
 The acquisition isn't about the headphones and speakers.  Apple could snap up a thousand companies that do a solid job with audio.  What you cannot find easily is a service with good music curation.  I've tried them all.  Spotify sucks, Rdio isn't much better.    All the services let me listen to days and days of music but few really helped me discover new artists.   
Well    I guess it's a done deal.  Whether the video in question was low brow or not is irrelevant.   One can easily  infer from watching the video that the deal has indeed been done and the Financial Times report is correct that  loose ends are being tied up.    I'm on record for thinking that this is a good thing.   Jimmy Iovine has sway within the industry that Apple needs to  maintain dominance.   I think there's on opportunity to create synergy between...
After thinking about it...it makes perfect sense.    Jimmy Iovine is well connected in the music industry.   Dre is Dre.  I think the jewel that Apple wants is a turn key music subscription service they  can roll out for iOS 8.    The thing here is they could roll their own but the hard part would be  getting the curation thing down.   Beats Music has all that setup the right way.    I could see Apple selling off the Hardware business since I'm doubtful they really...
 Whether you or I could do it is irrelevant when the context is "Is Ahrendts worth 68 million in stock options" .  The more pertinent question is how many people could could do the job overall.   I have my doubts that Ahrendts is in such an small and Elite group of retail Execs that it would be prohibitively difficult to find a suitable replacement.    Apple tends to make executives look better than they really are as witnessed by the abject failure of departing execs in...
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