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With an ARM based Mini you're not going to see SoC designed for mobile use IMO.   They aren't fast enough.     You're going to see the lineage of A5X (A57 v8 Arm cores) which aren't designed for mobile applications but rather  small power efficient servers.     http://www.anandtech.com/show/6420/arms-cortex-a57-and-cortex-a53-the-first-64bit-armv8-cpu-cores   In essence in a few years Apple will once again be able to control the whole widget.   Intel will NOT be...
Guys and Gals.   A larger than 10" iPad is as inevitable as the iPad mini was.    It will not run OS X.  That's what MacBooks are for.    Target markets would be    Media Creators - Photography, Video, Music, Drawing and Painting  Business - Presentations,  Point of Sale, Kiosks, Real Estate  Home -  laptop replacement,  gaming system,  Home Control and much more    By going larger Apple gets to use future beefier ARM cores (A5x and beyond).  I could see a...
This is going to hard sell.  A sensor laden Smoke Detector likely means that it's going to be 3-5x more expensive than your typical unit at Lowes or Home Despot (snicker).    Nest could add some nice integration with the Thermostat to get a more clear picture of movement through the home but pricing is going to be essential here since most homes have at least 5 detectors an few people are going to want to pay $250 to replace the current detectors. 
Clean Install    I feel like there's way too much crud mucking things up.  I want as fresh a copy of OS X as I can get. 
Home Automation.    The industry has done absolutely nothing worthwhile IMO.   Too many standards  (Zigbee, Zwave, Insteon etc) and clearly not enough interoperability.    If we really expect sensors to become a big thing then the glue is going to be software that ties these elements together in a way that your grandpappy could install.    Airplay Services could encompass FaceTime like video tech for cams,  beefier Airplay routing (a la Sonos …synchronized) door...
Touch ID needs to be in as many iOS devices as possible.   Ramp could be key but the whip needs to be cracked because people aren't going to want to have it on their iPhone but not have it on their iPad or iPod Touch.    Once it's on all my devices I can great a ridiculously long Apple ID password and not have it drive me crazy.   #Security 
Yeah i'd like a Haswell Mini with Iris pro.    I don't need huge solid state options because i'm eventually going to go with a 4-Bay NAS device or Drobo.   In a couple of years i'd love to see a 64-bit ARM based mini for $399. 
I'm chomping at the bit to upgrade my iPhone 4 to the 5s.    Whether 64-bit is necessary or not.   EVERYTHING will be an upgrade for me and I always like to plan for the future.  Bummer that it doesn't have 11AC as I want to upgrade my network to 11AC devices only within the next 18 months.    Touch ID has awesome capability and the camera is going to be a very welcome upgrade.    If someone doesn't care ..they care choose another product but the 5s is a welcome...
Apple users have always been "upper crust"
Of course it's not ...if you have a ridiculously narrow definition of "Pro" 
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