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 Apple paved the road for all of these at WWDC '14.  The Xcode simulator now supports variable sizes (portends a larger iPhone) Healthkit/Health and Continuity functionality set the table for iWatch Metal makes the gaming potential of A7 based Apple TV much more powerful  WWDC was huge but Apple has no plans to announce HW too early. 
 Very impressive.   It's difficult to retrofit a near 90 year old house with modern HVAC but I love the sounds of more control for rooms and the radiant heating is something I'm looking to do.  Who'd you go through for the Radiant Heating?   I'm keeping an eye on www.warmboard.com but it'll be years before we actually make that move. 
5 Thermostats?????  That's not a home...that is a Castle.  :D
HomeKit appears to  be a simple start but still has enough configurability to grow.    You basically group your home into parts starting with the entire home, rooms and Zones   This way Siri can  easily understand a command like "Turn off all lights downstairs".    All this is kept in a database so each device will not need to be reprogrammed and is easily editable.   I suspect that HomeKit will  grow as the market in general grows but it should be easy to get off...
 Not really.   iCloud has always been about storing documents.  It just stored each applications documents in its own container.  Now we've got a folder that can store/view documents but i'm guessing the "container" is still there and just invisible.    If we're looking at where iCloud Drive differs from Dropbox/One Drive I'm going to guess that it's a bit more robust on the security side (Sandboxing) 
I'm guessing that $9.99 a month just may buy 1TB of iCloud storage. 
How long did it take you to install?  I'm hearing average install is about 4 hours. 
Phew   Photos for Mac looks pretty basic which is good and bad.   The good is that it'll mirror Photos on iOS.  It also means that Aperture 4 should be more ambitious but probably delayed until next year as well. 
They had me at continuous scrolling in the store.   Thank you. 
I bought a base 16 GB iPad Air because I knew I wanted to have Touch ID (love it on my 5S) and 802.11ac.    Looks like i'll be selling it and getting a minimum 64GB Air this year with Touch ID.    As soon as I feel comfortable about seeing more areas where I can use Touch ID I'm going to take  my current password and make it ridiculously long and difficult. 
New Posts  All Forums: