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 I second this.  Kaveri brings Quad Core performance, solid graphics with a 20% savings over Haswell.   
 Firstly the Nest product was done very well.  Secondly they chose a classic design Round.  Those of us kids of the 60s and 70s remember the round Honeywells Thermostats very well.   Thirdly they knocked it out of the park with simplicity.   Thermostats where right up there with VCR flashing 12:00 on their clocks with regard to lack of decent UI/UX.  Look at the Eversense from Allure Energy.  It's a bit overdone in features but they've got 5 patents on proximity features...
 I may make the move to Colorado in 5 years or so and the lady and I have chatted about what we want in our home.  Luckily she has family in the construction biz (GC) who are doing their home right now in Loveland CO I believe.   We're hoping we can build new construction or heavily remodel with their help.  We know we need a GC that will ensure the work is done correctly.    I'm also reading up more about LEED construction. We want to be Green where it makes sense.  ...
If Nest cared about energy they wouldn't have made their second product an overdone Smoke Detector.    They would have done this  http://econetcontrols.com/EV100.phpSimply tossing in a smartphone enabled thermostat doesn't make your home smart.   Ideally you'd want to control the entire flow of heat to rooms as you say Dick and have this automated. 
What got Nest purchased was 1.1 million homes sending their data up to Nest's Cloud.   When Fadell talks about scaling the product he's talking about turning on my Nest products and gather more lucrative data.   This data is Google's sweet nectar and potentially worth Billions.      If Google wanted IoT devices they could have purchased 20 companies for less money but most of these companies would have little to no dataset to start mining. 
Nest owes a lot of it's attention to the fact that Fadell and Rogers were ex Apple Execs.   If they don't have that as a marketing piece the road they travel becomes much harder.    Nests technology is great but don't fool yourself into thinking that there isn't competition.    Netatmo Therm -  Neatly ties in to their weather station    Centralite Pearl Therm -  Will be using Zigbee Home Automation 1.2    Tado Therm - UK's best shot at a Nest...
I wonder if Google with do anything with Nest property myenergy.com 
Exactly   ADT sends me a placard every single month about their HA/Security services.  I'm surprised AT&T isn't pounding down my door along with Comcast.   This field is going to rapidly heat up as the big companies align themselves.   Nest wasn't going to survive without offering Subscription Services and a lot more products.   Smart move from them was to sell. 
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