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Amazing. Within a year Apple mainstreams tiered storage with Fusion Drives and now PCIe storage. I cannot wait for the Haswell Retina
Problem is there are no 3TB 2.5" drives that I know of.  WDC's 2TB is the largest I know.  Can't wait for the teardown. 
Looking at the way many of the apps have so much white space I think it's  inevitable that we are going to see a 4+ inch display next year.    Much of what iOS 7 looks like does resemble Android at least in this text regard and  one of the reasons why Android does it because it makes it easier to translate apps to  different sized displays.    Looking forward to fall and getting updates to iOS and OS X and hopefully Aperture and iLife as well. 
I'm ok with the new form factor.   It now has 6 antenna (3 each for 2.4 and 5Ghz) so positioning them higher may really help.    Is the Time Capsule still using 3.5" drives.  I was figuring they may choose 2.5" drives for size reasons.    I'll upgrade my current TC when I get the next iPhone coming up.  I think 11AC is probably a bigger deal for mobile devices than it is for  desktop devices at this point considering mobile devices typically only have a single...
It's either gonna be this Unikey, Lockitron or Poly Control for me. Who ever ships a workable solution that is easy to install. Zigbee would be a plus because I eventually want to control my lights (Hue) thermostat (Nest ..eventually) and locks through a common Home Automation tool. Cameras too but I haven't found one I really like.
Smart decision. These services are now a commodity and Pocket's bigger staff allows them to iterate faster. Marco needs to get paid while the going is good and move on to the next thing IMO.
With this speed increase Retina is possible across the iMac line. It may also offer display daisy chaining
For me it's going to be simple.  In a year I'm going to look at what carrier gives me great support for 3 smartphones and 2-3 tablets.   If T-Mobile is competitive in service are and cost I'll certainly consider them. 
The only saving grace of this rumor is that KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo has said the same thing. No on trust Digitimes anymore. Not that Digitimes is releasing faulty information but rather their reports cannot faithfully be linked to shipping product. I'm sure a lot of what they get wind of is prototype testing.
Pretty happy with Foursquare checkins and the easy manner on which it allows for tips or comments about local businesses.   There will likely never be a single source of point of interest data that everyone leverages so having multiple options like Yelp  and FS cannot hurt. 
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