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 The headphone line is profitable but that alone isn't the whole reason why the acquisition happened.  Iovine and Dre have connections. The headphones deliver profit and there's plenty of innovation that can happen here Beats Music....Apple should be ready to do something good iTunes/iTunes Radio/iTunes Match and now iSubscriptions LOL 
Think Iovine not speakers.   You can source great speakers all over.   This is about the talent and vision. 
looked at Dropcam as a potential baby monitor but balked because I really want total control of where my data resides.   Dropcam's back end is really nice.  The ability to skim through video feeds and see changes is really cool. Their website does a great job demoing the power.  I know I'll eventually need about 4-5 cameras and currently their pricing for this amount of cams and good monitoring is more than I want to spend. 
 Dr. Dre owns a rumored 20-25% of Beats.  Iovine likely owns far more.   Dr. Dre did not start out in Hip-Hop.  He started out producing for The World Class Wrecking Cru.   He is is a producer not a Rapper/Hip-Hop artist.  If there is a deal being made it's being hammered out.  Billboard and others are just trying to milk the Soap Opera.  
A person's education and skills are their property.   I don't think companies should be colluding together for ANY matter that involves employment.  There's just too much opportunity for stray from what is legal.    If we are to truly believe that Capitalism is a viable economic system then we're going to have situation where employees will benefit through the capitalizing on their skill set.  I'm not for it becoming open season on employees that know trade secrets but...
Not feeling this feature.    It's like taking the worst of Samsung's ideas and legitimizing it.    Multi-tasking across windows makes sense on your typical desktop display because it's expansive.  Tablets and phones are just a bit on the small side to make running apps in their own window of much value IMO. 
 I tend to think that Apple is slowly building up their payment processing.  Passbook seems to be an early effort into developing an easy UI.  Now you look and see Touch ID starting to spread throughout the line iBeacon support.  The elements are coming together but consumers have been rocked lately with the Target breach and many other small ones.   Consumers are gunshy about newfangled tech until it's proven to be safe.  I see the headphone as being an untapped area for...
 All companies are in constant motion.   There was once a time where many of us opined on these very boards about how Apple should make a phone only to have some respond "Nokia owns this market Apple doesn't stand a chance".   Apple is very particular about their branding but they are well versed in wholly owned subsidiary and they have a few such as Filemaker, Braeburn Capital and Anobit. I see Beats Electronics as simply being another subsidiary with links into the Apple...
It's not available from one company.   The consumer by and large isn't into a la carte.   Apple is poised to take many of these elements and package them nicely together at profit.  Buying Beats gets them infrastructure (Beats Music, Beats Electronics) and personnel (Young, Iovine and more)   And most importantly it's not a loss leader.  Beats makes money. 
I'm actually happy that Apple doesn't plan to jettison the hardware line.  People don't think of Apple as being a company with good audio chops but they are pretty good designers.   The work they did with the 15" Retina MBP speakers was great as is the iMac speakers.    If Apple thinks they can improve the Beats headphones I think they should try.  The streaming service also needs to have some special features that integrate nicely with iTunes.  While subscriptions are...
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