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Try before you buy?
Well the caching features are improving. I'll get to dig in to the gritty details later. I'm expecting to buy my Mac mini and run it as my home server in a couple of weeks.
I don't see a safe landing space for Apple here. ARM is years away from having consumer class hardware beyond the mobile space. AMD could be purchased for a pittance but does Apple really want to get into head to head competition with Intel? Lastly virtualization is very key to Apple products being sold in Enterprise. Not saying it cannot be done with Apple homegrown solutions but a different architecture makes that endeavor much harder.
  I think the mini is still going to use a 32nm A5 processor to keep costs down not interfere with the iPhone 5 wrt manufacturing.    I wouldn't mind the next iPad moving to Quad Core with Rogue graphics.   It's time to start bringing the Pro apps to iOS.    Aperture  Final Cut Pro X  Logic     A 128GB Quad Core iPad with Rogue is going to be up to the task.    
Ziilabs is already working on integrating HEVC into ARM based SoC.   They aren't the only ones.    http://www.eetimes.com/electronics-news/4236490/ZiiLabs-samples-stem-cell-Android-SoC     I see it playing out like this.      Those with newer hardware that can decode HEVC will get the smaller data download.  Those with older hardware will get the larger streams.   Those running  afoul of bandwidth caps will naturally be more disposed to upgrading their...
PowerVR 6 graphics would be absolutely fantastic!! 
I've got a Time Capsule 2GB.    I realize that It's not the fastest but man is it reliable.  I never have to reboot it.  It appears all of the current Router leaders are using the Ralink  processors.  Apple is still using the Marvell "Kirkwood" processor which is getting up their in age.  They did modify the radio inside moving to more  powerful Broadcom parts but the Marvell chip is what's holding back throughput.    The question is  "Does Apple move over to...
I think consumers are ready for tiered storage.     Truthfully you don't even need that much storage for the Boot and Apps.   Intel makes a 40GB SSD aimed at the Z68 motherboards that offer SSD caching.  There's little point in keeping an ODD  around if it's not Blu-ray and SSD offers keen benefits.  I'm constantly amazed at my MBA it's just such an overall good performer because the storage isn't slowing me down and comparing the Samsung  SSD in it now (250MBps)...
Amazon's ethos is one of the reasons why I don't fear them taking over.       They don't mind doing annoying things like this which means they'll always be the value  company but never the premium company.   
This won't make it to court.   There is no SLA regarding uptime with Mobile Me or iCloud.    People need to understand that they can file all the court cases they want but percentagewise the  odds of actually getting into a court room are small. 
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