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Nope I won't cry. By fall I'll have near 6 months of bliss. My iPad will be in a nice case and a bag with my CLEAR Spot 4G Wifi router. The next iPad will be improved but I tend to like to skip a generation so If I can make my iPad last me a couple of years I'll be in line for the 3rd gen iPad and 5th gen iPhone. It's just money...you can't take it with you to the Afterlife.
......ummmmm not persuasive. Mine's coming in 10 days. For me it's simple. If I bought a Macbook 80% of the time it'd be accessing the web. Now I'm going to spend 40% less and get the same (if not improved) web access.
Yup My setup will be BT Apple Keyboard Arc stand & iPad. Nice and Clean.
Hmmmmm must be your locale. Here in the Seattle area I worked for muliple Mac resellers and the typical Mac user was more apt to come in in Birkenstocks and have a creative job than walking in wearing a Brooks Brothers suit. Sorry for your experience but this Apple is not more mainstream and the snobby ethos is but a fraction of what it used to be. Mac users "still" think the platform is the best and aren't afraid to talk about it but the difference is we've got ample...
Color E-ink technology is years away. Apple didn't "fail" to put a keyboard on the iPad because it's primary input methodology is using your finger. The design goals for the iPad were in principal 1. Fast 2. Lightweight 3. Multifunctional 4. Network centric What's left is up to the developers and probably beyond the purview of us ordinary blokes.
This is how it's done. http://junecloud.com/journal/iphone/...-for-ipad.html Free upgrade to Universal iPad app. Free Widget for Mac OS X that delivers push notification. Best $2.99 I've spent on the App Store. I literally use Delivery Status every week without fail thanks to Amazon Prime.
Flamebait This thread is done.
I just scrolled through 11 freakin pages of iPad apps. There's a LOT of gems there for launch with a lot more coming in the next week. I'm VERY pleased and waiting a couple of weeks for my iPad is going to be difficult. But I'll hold. Right now I'm a bit concerned about app management. Say I have Articles from Sophiestication on my iPhone and now I want the iPad version. I'd prefer not to have to manage two separate apps and would rather upgrade my iPhone...
Why must some of you see things as either/or ? There's nothing that precludes a computer user from equally enjoying an iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad and Macbook/iMac. Apple's designed the "system" so that it works well and they're "stewing" their Cloud strategy (MobileMe, Lala acquisition) to tie everything together. Yes the iPad is primarily a content delivery device. That's Apple's intentions. The creation comes from light artwork or text input but it's a...
Theres no contract it's month to month. AT&T must have dropped their drawers on that one because I can't see how any carrier wants to deliver access without contractual lock in.
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