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This will be taken care of next year is presume. Tim Cook (I believe) all but said that there are only 3 areas where the iPhone has single carrier exclusity (Spain, US and another country). He mentioned that they had already made of their mind about the US market. Reading between the lines I see iPhone on Verizon Q1 of 2011.
Flash is not necessary. I can't believe we're once again going over the same crap again (Note the first time were the browser specific tags that Microsoft fostered in order to defeat Netscape) How many times do you have to tell people that the Internet needs to be open and accessible to as many people as possible without having to pay some company? It's interesting to see Google begin to cave on open internet as well (embracing Flash on Android) . Their integrity and...
Good I'm glad they're bailing. There's no need for meta platforms sitting over Cocoa Touch. Lost total respect for EFF. These guys are starting to sound idiotic like Greenpeace or the ACLU. Glad I never donated any money. The common mantra coming from Flash developers is this. "I want to run my app on Android, WinMob, Blackberry and any other provider that runs flash" It means at the core, their desire is to write an app and deploy it...
Who's saying this? Do you have a link? Not that I'm doubting it but using AMD processors and GPU is one thing..buying them is totally another. Though I wouldn't rule out Apple making a Billion dollar acquisition at some time during my life.
According to some developers they notice an uptick in traffic after being featured on Apple Downloads. I hope Apple comes up with a replacement.
I'm surprised but not worried. It appears that the PA Semi acquisition may have been as much about IP as it was about talent. Still waiting to find out about Apple & Intrinsity. Dobberpuhl & others are supposed to be " startup guys" so we'll see how long they stick around.
Hear Hear! Apple is Doomed ™
I think we'll see improved battery life. If we get a OLED screen and improved components (read, more energy efficient) then battery life could very well improve. I'm wondering what they run the A4 at in the phone. 800Mhz tops???
+1 Jeebus how difficult is it to bring Dvorak to a virtual KB?
Apple must be using a new supplier or product because i'm actually surprised at how well the iPad sounds for having a minuscule speaker.
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