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Bulldozer will support AVX, FMA4, XOP & CVT16. AMD has never lacked for supporting the SIMD stuff. Intel's lead is basically in process technology, power and fab capability with strength in Integer. Bulldozer, as you say before, should rectify the Integer performance and if their GPU technology continues to evolve nicely they won't have to worry about FPU performance. Apple would be smart (IMO of course) to bring in AMD on the low end in 2011 and remain competive....
As was I. Make the Superdrive external if you must but the size of a optical drive is simply too large for today's emphasis on mobile computing. I'm not interested in a Macbook or Macbook Pro with 2 drive bays. OS and Apps would reside on a fast SSD and large scale storage would be on a 640GB plus 5400 rpm drive (since we're talking large scale datafiles times do not matter as much)
http://www.anandtech.com/show/2871/3Fusion is not out yet so there's no comparison to be made but AMD/ATI is certainly going to evolve quickly whether its CPU advances or GPU advance. Intel's lack of IGP technology means they have to focus soley on CPU improvements because they continue to fail in the GPU arena.
Push works great for Mobileme email. Gmail doesn't support it.
Could you do THIS with HDMI? Best explanation as to why Apple wants miniature connectors and created mDP (Mini DisplayPort)
Ksec I do not believe some of your points are correct. 3. Ati has not lagged behind Nvidia in GPU recently. In fact the leadership crown has been flip flopping between the two companies for a while. 5. AMD Is a lot cheaper than Intel at certain levels. See my first post in this thread. 6. AMD Fusion is still superior. Better GPU with better support for OpenCL. I dont see much reason to put up with Intel's slow IGP. AMD makes sense at the low end. People...
http://answers.oreilly.com/topic/131...d-iphone-os-4/ From Zigurd As far as IM or Twitter I don't really need constant background refreshes on Twitter. Tweetie refreshes fast enough for me to be happy. IM doesn't really present itself well as a background app. The function of IM is communicating with someone unless you are chatting with a very slow typist. I think Apple and Android, at this point, have covered Multitasking well. I frankly don't think it's as...
I don't think Apple would move to AMD exclusively. If they did, however, it would mean that AMD showed them working silicon of Bulldozer, Bobcat and more that blew Apple away.
It makes me wonder if Apple would want to phase in AMD at the lowend (Mac mini, Macbook) and see how things go and if all goes well 2011 is a larger kickoff with AMD getting in at the Mac Pro level as well. There are still plenty of people happy with Opteron based workstations though Intel's made up a lot of ground here with 5000 series Xeons.
It's not as if AMD is going to be horrible in battery life this year.
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