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The design wasn't my fav in the beginning but it's warming up to me. I like the thinner design and the forward facing camera and the Flash (camera flash that is hyuck) They say the battery is 16% larger which, if/when coupled with more energy efficient display and electronics) could yield in a plus 20% battery life improvement. The display is higher rez and hopefully OLED.
Probably a bit of suppy chain and excessive demand. I'm not sure Apple really had forcased selling a half million of the wifi units alone. They'll probably sell as many 3G units so they're cranking to get these things built and shipped. It's actually a nice place to be in. Everyone is talking about Tablets (MS, HP, Android etc) but no one is delivering hundreds of thousands like Apple is.
It remains to be seen how Bulldozer's duoply 128-bit units function. I think for Apple it would be trivial to support both depending on how much of Clang/LLVM Apple's able to integrate into Xcode 4.x and on. I'm pretty confident that both AMD and Intel will be strong here. I'm betting that Wolfram is pretty excited about what 2011 is going to bring for serious number crunching. Intel's lower cost items perform almost unacceptably low in graphics. Basically you get a...
Agreed I thought Apple might acquire ARM or Imagination but they seem to enjoy the bargaining power of dealing with vendors from arm's length. Currently Apple's in the blackout period but expect the news to hit next week about the Intrinsity acquisition.
How this ALL ties into AMD is this. The MBP are more either more expensive than they need to be or spec'd lower than they need to be because adding two GPU to a computer IMO is a waste. If Intel's IGP graphics were decent then there would be no need to expend the finances and engineering resources on adding in discrete graphics. Now granted discrete graphics have always been preferrable to IGP but I wonder if that will be the case going forward as we move from 32nm...
Just hopped on Best Buy Dell Sony HP They all have $999 units with Core i5 and some i7 models. 4GB of RAM and 500GB HDD on the avg. I thought to myself "well Apple's not doing badly with the Core i3 and the GPU switching tech" and then it dawned on me that I was thinking about the MBP 13" specs. (oops the MBP 13 is still a C2D) Here's the newest Macbook This is not getting it done. I was all set to have the "talk" with my mother about looking at the Macbook...
Bulldozer will support AVX, FMA4, XOP & CVT16. AMD has never lacked for supporting the SIMD stuff. Intel's lead is basically in process technology, power and fab capability with strength in Integer. Bulldozer, as you say before, should rectify the Integer performance and if their GPU technology continues to evolve nicely they won't have to worry about FPU performance. Apple would be smart (IMO of course) to bring in AMD on the low end in 2011 and remain competive....
As was I. Make the Superdrive external if you must but the size of a optical drive is simply too large for today's emphasis on mobile computing. I'm not interested in a Macbook or Macbook Pro with 2 drive bays. OS and Apps would reside on a fast SSD and large scale storage would be on a 640GB plus 5400 rpm drive (since we're talking large scale datafiles times do not matter as much)
http://www.anandtech.com/show/2871/3Fusion is not out yet so there's no comparison to be made but AMD/ATI is certainly going to evolve quickly whether its CPU advances or GPU advance. Intel's lack of IGP technology means they have to focus soley on CPU improvements because they continue to fail in the GPU arena.
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