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+1 Jeebus how difficult is it to bring Dvorak to a virtual KB?
Apple must be using a new supplier or product because i'm actually surprised at how well the iPad sounds for having a minuscule speaker.
Yes I was thinking about Nehalem's package.
Agreed my apologies. Guess i'm just rooting for the underdog here. Intel got the memo about Power/Watt and I hope AMD has been working really hard on the same. Apparently Fusion is sampling right now and so the next several months should deliver more insight as to how well they are able to reduce power consumption. I'm amazed at how much traction this story has gotten. Even Jon Peddie and Nathan Brookwood have chimed in
Based on your extensive knowledge of microarchitectures or just your "hunch" ? Yes Sandy Bridge is coming with a new core and IGP but that IGP is still going to be a separate piece of silicon and few expect it to be of the same class of Llano GPU. So the question isn't really about battery power (though that's important) but how Apple intends to leverage the GPU with OS X and OpenCL/OpenGL and how they plan to leverage Grand Central Dispatch as more Macs go beyond Dual...
Marketing be damned I'd gladly take a Quad 2Ghz Fusion APU with a solid GPU. We haven't seen the fruits of OpenCL yet but it's coming. I just downloaded the Siggraph OpenCL preso from AMD's Justin Hensley Ph.D A Khronos PDF on OpenCL and surprisingly and PDF from AMD, Intel & Nvidia on OpenCL. OpenCL 2.0 is supposedly due in 2012 with 1.1 being the next intermediary step if it's not already here. This is interesting as well....
Ahhh the "Window 7 is so good people aren't leaving" red herring. Yeah I expect that to take a big blow tomorrow. It's kind of weird how journalists have been prone to manufacturing news rather than simply reporting it.
Depends on what's coming down the pipeline. Few people knew about the 9.7" IPS screen that Apple chose as it wasn't in any current shipping products but the thing looks gorgeous to my eyes. I'm not ruling OLED out but I think Gen II could be a tad early. Gen III sounds more like it. I'd put up with more difficulty in viewing in direct sunlight to get more battery and performance.
What does "anytime soon mean" please provide some context. Are we talking about 3 months, 6 months a year? I don't think anyone is going to buy into Apple using AMD processors that are available now and AMD is most likely not in Cupertino talking about the current processors which Apple couldn't use anyways because it'd take 6 months at last to design, test and QA anything from AMD in the first place. So we need to "skate to where the puck is going to be" and that...
Energy efficiency
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