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Until recently Apple was using Mobile Intel processors in the iMac and those never really get dirt cheap. BTO makes sense for those high end configs. The 27" iMacs offer something no other vendor can offer right now and that's a higher than HD native resolution. The screen alone is worth over a $1000. Integrated graphics aren't an Apple phenomenon it's an industry wide trend. I feel the same about expensive products in all categories. I wish they were cheaper but by...
Yes Apple likes to charge a premium and so does Intel which means complaints about Apple pricing will continue to exist because neither Apple nor Intel are going to give their product away for nothing. AMD is your best bet for lower end Mac mini, Macbook hardware that performs acceptably.
I think AMD would be the perfect solution for the price sensitive Mac user. AMD is sampling their integrated (CPU/GPU ondie) Fusion technology right now and by the time Apple would deliver AMD based machines we'd be looking at likely second generation Fusion stuff. AMD would also be tough on the high end. I wouldn't sneeze at an Opteron based Mac Pro.
AND has had Virtualization tech built into ther CPU for years. Pacifica
You seem oblivious to "modern" day tech. It matters not what the market looked like 6 years ago. The PPC 60x series were not multicore until the very ends and the development tools were nowhere as sophisticated as they are today. We cannot glean much from what the market was like a half decade ago and apply it to today and future computing needs. AMDs roadmap, on paper, is strong for 2011 provided they hit their targets and deliver.
This difference in X86 support is miniscule compared to the PPC to X86 transition in which Endian issues alone caused much work to be done. Again I'll continue to harp on this. With Apple's support and collaboration on LLVM/Clang it would be as simple as a compiler flag to target an AMD based machine.
If it happened once it can happen twice. We'll see how well Bulldozer works. Intel rode their new Yonah/Merom and successor cores to great success. In the epic AMD/Intel battle the "seesaw" action really comes from leveraging new cores. If Bulldozer and some of the better power/watt AMD cores come out and perform well then it's a whole new ballgame. AMD has an unquestionable lead in GPU technology compared to Intel so their integrated options are going to perform...
Makes zero sense and I heard the same from some just after the Intel announcement. Mac users are about the software and always have been. PPC was rarely the fastest but it was fast enough to be productive.
No. AMD is the same ISA (X86) . Building in support would be a piece of cake by comparison.
For Geeks. Consumers don't care and they see AMD branded hardware in every Best Buy across the US. Opteron has enjoyed a good reputation amongst IT professional. I'm not stuck on any hardware. I choose Macintosh because of the software and that included the slow era with the G4.
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