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Your post is amazingly devoid of outstanding options in software. Pray tell what Photoshop competitors should I be looking for on a PC. As always the PC market will have more software but a large portion of said software will be utter crap and would not cut muster in the Mac market where even shadetree developers are expected to deliver functional products in performance and UI.
That's true. My stability is markedly increased since installing Click2Flash. Flash isn't going away but its best days may be behind it. 100 million Flashless devices will get advertiser attention. Apple doesn't need to defeat Flash, they simple need to hobble it long enough for HTML5 proponents like SproutCore, Cappucino, Atlas, Jillion and others to close the gap enough.
I've noticed that, much like the vocal minority of Mac users evangelizing their chosen yet minority platform, a certain subset of vocal Android users are becoming very annoying. Rarely do I come across an iPhone app review where in the comments there isn't some sort of begging for an Android version from a phone owner. This elicits a few questions. 1. Why are Android users so clueless about the availability of Android apps? 2. Could the lack of a central...
Hell on a PC your choices are extremely limited. When Adobe conquered Macromedia's Xres and Live Picture it pretty much chilled the market for high end photo creation/manipulation tools. The only think we have now are smaller apps that can do a subset of Photoshop for a much better price.
LOL ..what can I can say druble. I love the spacebar. Oop there I go doing it again. You know the part the bugs me is that Apple probably wouldn't have rejected Flash on Apple mobile devices had Adobe spent the energy to evangelize Cocoa as an API via updating their own Mac apps. Instead they clung to Carbon because that was in "their" best interest and finally Apple had to kill it via refusing to do a Carbon 64-bit version. Adobe never scratched Apple's back and...
Apple's not railing against Flash in its entirety. Flash is and will continue to be a rich development and playback environment for Apple notebook and desktop platforms. What it "isn't" going to be is the ideal runtime for mobile environments.
The difference is one of momentum. While Apple loves to laud the 185k or so apps they have in the store they've become more and more aggressive about weeding out the garbage (explicit stuff recently ) and now they are pre-emptively attacking "tribble" like spawning of "me too" apps created with cookie cutter meta platforms. The app store is not a Democracy and for that i'm glad.
Paragraphs are your friend.
heheheh call me "Quick Draw McGraw" (Pistol crack)
Sir May I have your social security number? Seeing as how you obviously are a bastion of openness. I'm having a hard time seeing the correlation between a company buying your off the shelf OS and installing it on hacked hardware for profit. Open Markets have their place. The Internet is a communication medium so I think it's appropriate to skew towards keeping as much open.
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