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I remember it was just less than a year after these reports came out in 2011 that 10.8 came out.   Come on, OS X Caracel!
OS X Mr. Kat.
Apple was supremely idiotic for not using that extra year to keep Apple Maps optional as a public beta. Millions and millions of people depend on Google Maps on their iPhones, and it has no suitable substitute. Give Apple an extra year to make flyover models of buildings, get everything tagged, correlate satellite and map better... then maybe.
Being a new service is no excuse for this kind of horrible cartography. It was in beta for a year. If that wasn't enough, they should have left Google Maps as default until iOS 7. There is one reason I haven't upgraded my iPad to iOS 6: The Maps. I upgraded my iPhone and now regret it because, short of Google making an Maps app or using some lousy web-app, now I can't see what building my classes are in on campus. I already had Waze for navigation, I didn't need this....
That is an ugly case.
Excuse me, but what is the source for the statement, and what is the source for the screenshot? I called AT&T enterprise customer service with a complaint based on this and they said they couldn't find any evidence that they actually made this statement or intend to do this.
Ok, this confirms that I will not be renewing my contract with AT&T. If they have the gall to say I can't use my  2GB of data the way I want with the apps I want, they don't deserve me.
New feature: Delete YouTube
  At least it's not Windows XP.
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