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Did you have "my processes" selected or "all processes" selected? It may have been a system process using up all that space? Also can you see if you have any location-based reminders enabled or if maybe spotlight is reindexing your drive?
Just checked on my 13" MBP (with SSD): No problems to speak of. And after shutting WiFi, reducing backlight brightness, keyboard backlight, and closing resource-intensive programs, I got a reading of over 14 hours battery life remaining.
One minor but VERY important detail: The labels on Google's maps all have outlines/borders around the letters. Apple's maps don't have this, so text is often difficult to read on Apple's maps.
I wonder if they have any location-based reminders going. I remember when I upgraded to iOS 6 and had a lot of location services running, batter performance was horrible until I figured out the problem.
To see what places look like...
I agree with you. I remember how Google Chrome was the #1 app for a while too, but this is even more extreme. I don't feel like Apple will let the old app stay on in the app store though... But there is a possibility (depending on how much control Apple has over actual map detail and how much control they give to Tom Tom and the like) that in iOS 7 Apple will improve map features and detail.
  Unless Apple plans to dramatically change colors, make green text on green parks more readable, make details like small islands actually show up on the maps, add something equivalent to nationwide Street View, and enable walking directions within the next two months, then they are NOT replacing it with something better.   I pray that they do improve it before the final release or at least allow Google Maps as an alternative app.
Why is it that on the Google Map, you can see a small island above the Lands End pin, but it's not displayed on the Apple map? And why is it that the small islands east of Point Lobos Avenue are simply displayed as a large triangle on the Apple maps? And why is it that the Presido Golf Course and Clubhouse text is almost unreadable on the Apple maps?   >.<
Okay, let's have that subsequent report. Right now I'm pretty disappointed in losing Street View, walking directions, and Google's reliable world-wide maps. Apple better really deliver with iOS 6. As it is I'm not impressed with the saturated yet difficult to distinguish coloring, ease of reading street names, nor with the detail of landmarks and stuff.   What's more, their turn-by-turn navigation will really have to be steller as well. Basic directions isn't good...
I had to try to update an app 5 times before it stopped giving the error message and installed, but after that it gave another error message (still updated tho).
New Posts  All Forums: