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Apple owns more than 90% of the $1,000+ computer market, so Microsoft is very stupid to push more computers into that range. Linux is already popular on Netbooks. Wait for it to get more popular. And then Linux desktops are next.
LOL. Who knows. Maybe the number keeps changing... Or maybe there was some different search you accidentally did...
I don't know, can you read this?
It's actually about 250,000 results.
Apple schedules a conference hall for September 25, 2009. *The meeting starts*"Announcing your insanely great CEO, Steve Jobs!"Steve Jobs walks on stage."Hello."*crowd cheers*"Snow Leopard is the next great thing. And it goes on sale, today."WOOOOOOOOO"One more thing."*cheers*"We have been looking at the iPhone, and we've been looking at the MacBook, and we've been wondering, 'People are taking these two portable devices with them everywhere. Is there some way we can put...
Good value as it may be, make SURE before you plunk down $1k that you will not mind the super-glossy display. It's annoying to some people, not annoying to others, but just make sure before you buy it that you don't end up regretting your decision. Apple still makes the regular MacBook with a less-gloss display and you guys may prefer that for the screen. Unless you'll be getting a 3rd party external monitor for any use that's not on-the-go...
Something's fishy with that slider. It looks like a cross between the aqua slider and the non-aqua one. Frankly, both look more likely than the hybrid. There's no way an apple graphic designer would make the stupid mistake of having a lighter blue circle in the center of a glass orb with no major gradients leading to it. It's just out of place.
Perhaps you could set it to only turn on for a second for things that would otherwise need passwords... maybe every minute otherwise for the screensaver? But would there be two lights, one that indicates the computer's watching me and another indicating that another program is accessing the camera? I would like to know that.
Yeah, try a larger number of Mac users will be running Snow Leopard a month after the update than Windows users will be running Windows 7.Everyone already knows that Mac users tend to upgrade much more rapidly and at a much higher rate than PC users. E.g., there are about 3x Leopard users now as there are Tiger users, and there are still amost 3x XP users as there are Vista users. And XP is WAAAAAY older than Tiger, and Leopard is newer than Vista.
New Posts  All Forums: