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Yeah, but when has Apple ever followed through on their patents? I'm still waiting for an iPhone with a forward facing integrated screen/camera and an Apple Cinema Display that I can slide my MacBook into for expansion.
I used to use MapQuest... until Google Maps started letting me find what the places I was looking for by typing in an address that wasn't perfectly formatted, or just the place name. MapQuest sucks in comparison since their maps are no better than Google's in my estimation, and their search feature sucks worse too.
Because MacBooks are by far the most popular laptop among students.But really, MOST computers (idiotically) have glossy screens, and I hope the trend reverses.Anyway, I've always loved Macs but hated the glossy screens (still love the anti-glare screen on my 2006 iMac). I've been holding off getting a 13" unibody MacBook because of the screens, and hopefully this 'study' and the continual complaining by almost everybody about the shiny screens will prompt Apple to offer...
All Leopard users and nobody else? They allowed Jaguar users to upgrade to Leopard... And I thought it was going to support PowerPC?And I think they said September... Engadget has more info: "$29 for Leopard users, and a family pack is $49. It will be available this September, and today we're making a dev preview available."So get a family pack for $50 and use it on previous versions??? Some computers here are Leopard and one is Tiger... can we buy one family pack?
It's $29 for ALL Mac users, right? You can buy it in a store for $29, and if you have Tiger it's not like it won't install, right? Why are you mentioning "Leopard" users? I hope it's only because most users are on Leopard they're only saying that for simplicity, but if Tiger users have to pay extra isn't it kind of Microsoft-esque. I mean, nothing against an upgrade path, but if they charge differently, then they would have to put in some software restrictions which lots...
Go to http://www.engadget.com/2009/06/08/p...rom-wwdc-2009/ Basically, it's less expensive, better specs, and it has an SD slot. And there is still a MacBook - the white one.
I'm liking the specs and price on the low end MBP.
I think you mean, "Users of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard are...". Cool stuff, can't wait for the future.
"Hey dude, can I check out something on your MacBook?" "Sure! No problem!" "Whoa! Hey, dude....."
I disagree with the statement that Macs, even though safer, are less secure. Are you telling me that with 10% of the market share, not a single virus-writer bothered to have some fun to make a Mac virus? The statement would be false, as evidenced by the fact that Linux has had several viruses written for it, proof-of-concept or otherwise, and its market share is about a tenth as large as that of Mac OS X. No. There are other reasons. For one, you have to type in a...
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