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I would just HATE for them to remove the blue glass scroll bars and replace them with some ugly Linux style like they have in iTunes. I'm glad it's just speculation. For the UI changes, I'm expecting it to be like iWork.com and Safari 4.
By now, I hope these bugs are ones that almost nobody ever experiences....
Steve Jobs said something similar about a monitor with a computer built in behind it (like with a vertical cd tray -- i.e. the current iMacs) when announcing the iMac G4, but Apple eventually made it. Interestingly, Steve wasn't there to announce the iMac G5 either.
To be perfectly fair, if you get a Dell it will come with Microsoft Works, and Windows also has some iLife-like software things like Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Media Player and Movie Maker. Of course, iLife is still way better than anything Microsoft offers... but that doesn't make the comparison anything close to objective.
While I agree that you get more value for your money overall with an iMac, this study makes no sense. For one thing, it didn't note anything about the HP having more RAM or the Dell having a bigger webcam. For another thing, the XPS One 20" costs more like $1300, not $900. And the study isn't mentioning if the memory is DDR2 or DDR3. And there isn't mention of RESOLUTION -- I personally don't care as much about 24" vs 25" if the 24" one has the same or greater resolution....
The site's not loading the video. These features would be really cool, I've missed the limited stacks in Leopard, but I would still like those quick-look icons. I was wondering when there was going to be a put back feature for the trash. I've used it many times when I was in XP but never saw it in Mac. And, when are they going to give it a good wallpaper?! I mean dark pink outerspace?!
This month, Safari had more growth than Firefox. Overall, of course, Firefox deserves the most credit for IE's current market share.
So what's going to happen? A: Microsoft starts making a comeback with Windows 7 while Mac innovation falls; Mac OS X growth retards and reverses, resulting in a 6% market share 5 years from now, 2% market share 10 years from now. B: Microsoft keeps its place of always falling a little behind the competition; Mac OS X growth remains constant, resulting in a 15% market share 5 years from now, 20% market share 10 years from now. or C: Microsoft continues to flop...
What does this mean for Microsoft, Windows 7, and Surface? Will Microsoft have to pay Apple or what?
I think it's because people finally realized that the total cost of ownership of a computer doesn't equal the price at purchase. Expensive upgrades, antivirus subscriptions, repair, data loss, Microsoft Office vs iWork, and lost time factor in.
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