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What the heck are you talking about? I knew about all this back when it was discussed at WWDC. There was already all the mention of QuickTimeX, multi-core developer tools, 64 bit, new filesystem, multitouch improvements, microsoft exchange, and all that other stuff. Anything not mentioned back at wwdc was a minor feature. Leopard had hudnreds of new features, and only really talked about ten of them. Snow Leopard only really talks about 4 or 5 of them... And if you ask me,...
Why don't you take a look for yourself? http://marketshare.hitslink.com/default.aspx Vista has 21.1% of the market share, XP has 65.2%, Linux has 0.85%, and OS X has 9.6%. And don't forget about web browsers! That's even bigger news. Internet explorer dropped almost 2% to 68.15% while Firefox jumped up to 21.34%. Safari also made a big climb to 7.93% while Chrome broke the 1% barrier.
Wow, Apple, for a while I actually thought you guys were smart. When a computer company spends their money in a controversial move, you're gonna get half of your users to be happier with you, and you're gonna get the other half of your users who were gonna buy that new Mac to think twice before supporting a company that does something they're morally opposed to. As for me, I think I just became a little bit less of an Apple fanboy.
The new iMacs are also almost certainly going to incorporate LED backlighting seeing as Apple just announced a 24" LED display and made LED standard for their MacBooks. LED backlighting, improved nvidia graphics, and hopefully one or two other nice surprises and a price drop will make the iMac UNSTOPPABLE! Oh and in the world of impossible hopes, A MULTI-TOUCH SCREEN FOR GOODNESS SAKES OR SOME KIND OF MULTI TOUCH MOUSE REPLACEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The picture of the MacBook, the picture clearly shows a small monitor indicating the mini-DVI and it also clearly indicates the usb symbol for the regular usb ports. On the picture of the MBP, it also shows the DVI icon next to the cutout. The only thing is the cutout for the mini-dvi on the MB looks misshaped. Anyway guys, the very fact that we are only seeing casings is an indication that this is not a completely final version. If we can all sit tight for two days we'll...
Bye bye, Microsoft. All they're doing is showing that they're scared of the success of Apple's ads. And aside from saying that PCs are more common than Macs, it doesn't say anything good about Windows. It's not even mud slinging. It's just stupid.
I'd expect the graphics to be pretty good (or at least better) seeing as the displays are supposed to be LED.
LOL me too
Interesting how there was not a single iPod in the second example image -- do they intend to keep their content away from 80% of MP3 players?
No, they won't. They can't even come up with anything better than a spin off of the name of Apple ideas. (Web clips to Web snippits, Widgets to Gadgets, App store to Skymarket, Apple Genius to Microsoft Guru, etc. etc..)
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