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Maybe more people would have upgraded to Lion from Snow Leopard if Apple didn't drop features like Rosetta and Front Row.
I checked, and the quality doesn't get better than what is in the picture (and I had to wait a long time to be sure). Not to say the Apple maps are so detailed either, but they are clearly better. Except, of course, street view, which I'm very disappointed by. I do hope Googe Earthbfor iOS gets that in the next version.All Google has done is overlay these new 3d terrain objects over a sattalite picture, and it's not much more impressive than the cad models they used before.
This is madness. Sprint is not "offering" the service no more than they are offering Skype video calls. Apple's app will take advantage of existing 3G data.
It doesn't show up in the new screenshots, so can anyone tell me of control+option+command+8 still inverts colors? I use that shortcut all the time in Lion.
That would be even more outrageous than them charging extra to "enable" the iPhone as a WiFI hotspot. 3G uses data, data that people pay for and can use however they darn well please. I don't pay extra for 3G Skype calls. If I have a lot of unused data and want to FaceTime, I should be able to without paying. If they DO end up charging, well, let's just say they shouldn't be surprised if they lose a customer at the end of my contract.   However, I seriously doubt...
What good is it all if AT&T caps you at 2GB or 200MB of data? Will the new network technology allow them to raise the caps?
Come on, give the MBP a real refresh already. It's had the same stupid glass-screen design forever. What do these do:
Why isn't there meta or exif data in this picture? All it says is Quicktime 7.6.6
Not to sound negative, but someone really has to put a limit on how unimportant an article can be before they let the author post it. Are you going to write about it when the program goes from 10.4.1 to 10.4.2 next?
The "smart" decision isn't always so simple when money is tight and needed for books. Sometimes the extra value of the iPod Touch is enough to make it worth it. I suggested to him that some features in Lion itself are worth the extra cost, but we'll see. IMO, with all the freeware options, $100 of software is far less than half as valuable as a $200 iPod Touch.
New Posts  All Forums: