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Well I personally know someone who was going to get a MacBook with a free iPod Touch but now that Apple's not offering that he's now leaning towards a Toshiba laptop.
I *hope* we will be able to burn a boot drive. But you know how the App store is with copying programs...
So, a family of Macs with slow internet that occasionally needs to boot into the DVD to fix a problem is basically screwed? And if you're coming from Leopard, you have to install Snow Leopard first?
So now what happens if someone wants a GSM phone that they can use outside of the United States? They won't have the option of T-Mobil's pricing. Although, assuming the next iPhone is a world phone that lets customers interchange between a GSM and a CDMA carrier, and assuming Sprint gets the iPhone, it wouldn't be a huge issue then.
Why can't they just work with Google on this? Google already has a crowd-sourced traffic thing for their maps, why not join forces?
I don't know... I see a lot of T-Mobile customers who don't like AT&T switching to Sprint.
This is terrible reporting! T-Mobile getting an iPhone has NOTHING to do with AT&T's acquisition. If anything, T-Mobile users will become AT&T users, and then they will be transitioned into a company that offers the iPhone. But T-Mobile as a company is not getting an iPhone for being bought by AT&T. T-Mobile will get the iPhone IF and WHEN Apple supports the 1700 MHz spectrum. But if this deal goes through, T-Mobile might not be a carrier anymore by the time that happens....
I don't want an AT&T iPhone, I want a T-Mobile iPhone, and this merger does NOT produce a T-Mobile iPhone! The only thing this will do is increase the prices and reduce the customer service of T-Mobile. iPhone users were going to switch to T-Mobile despite the iPhone because they don't like AT&T. Now they'll just go to Sprint. It's not like AT&T will offer an unlimited data low-cost-plan "T-Mobile" iPhone. And T-Mobile could have very easily gotten the iPhone 5 if Apple...
I wonder if you Boot Camp Windows 7 if Windows has TRIM support.
A might go for a Sprint iPhone, but I would prefer T-Mobile since Sprint can't do data and voice at the same time.
New Posts  All Forums: