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Take a hint, Apple? T-Mobile wants you to make a 4G iPhone for the T-Mobile network already! And so do I!
There have already been a few Trojans for Mac OS X. This is nothing new. But since they require the user to actually install it & are so few in number, who cares? I could probably write a Trojan in Java to get users' passwords with my 5-weeks experience with the language. Just make an app that shows a pop up asking for the password! But until there's a self-installing Virus, who cares?
Interestingly, the UI of the new Font Book doesn't match the new Lion UI. See how the four toolbar buttons are buttons instead of a slider?
Why is Apple doing this? All three are useful. At least I can still get Java. But as long as I need the Epson scanner and jGRASP (for school), I can't upgrade to Lion. I can't imagine why Apple doesn't at least offer Rosetta. Maybe they will later on. There's a couple other programs I can do without, but I mean, really!I did this, and all but a few of the programs were either from Adobe (CS3 and CS5) or Office 2011. (Not the main apps, but within those folders. Ironic how...
They only reason OS X is hacked first is because people have incentive to win the Mac. Nobody wants the PC so they don't try so hard to hack it.
I think what they did was remove the buttons and make them sliders. If they're sliders, they make sense to be "out" on the selected item. But I also agree that this change is confusing and almost the opposite of what people expect at first glance.
Well I for one am disappointed. No SSD boot? No antiglare 13"? I really hope that Apple comes out with a mid-2011 MBP with Lion's launch (maybe keyboard buttons for new mission control, etc). And I hope that MBP is redesigned, has antiglare 13", and an SSD boot already!
Why would I buy this even for 99ยข? Skype is free, and more importantly, I ALREADY have a free copy of FaceTime from beta which works just fine.
Well for all you know it will come with an updated version of 10.6 to deal with this.
Shipping in March? What about those sealed packages?
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