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How is this "intention" really different from any other cable that sends both power and data, like USB and Firewire?
Ever consider that maybe the carriers in Portugal are trying to make a profit?
JObs wtf AA won't let me use a 4-character response?
Yeah. I mean, why would anyone enter their password to verify an installation when they didn't initialize it (and only wanted to check out a video). If it requires a password, then what is the problem? If it doesn't require a password, since this is a cross-platform trojan, Oracle needs to get on top of their security. Or I guess we can wait for an update to Snow Leopard that blocks this trojan...Still, it's good that this is just another trojan. You don't have to worry...
What about us lefties? Do you want us to buy special laptops? Wacom tablets are an exception because they can be placed anywhere, independent of the keyboard. There are other reasons for having a trackpad on laptops centered. For one, your palms don't move the mouse when you type. For another, the screen's aspect ratio would have to be much wider for it to make sense.
I agree. By doing this, Apple is removing an indication of how much more stuff is on the page or that you are able to scroll. I hope that it is at least visible when the mouse is moving over that application.
Duh. Why is this news? It's already obvious from Apple's screenshots and the App Store demo from the keynote.
Using Office 2011 Beta 6 (system with Snow Leopard and 2 GB RAM), I can say that Office is very slow. Now, I remember using a trial of Office 2008 and that wasn't very fast at all either, and launch time for Office 2011 seems fine, but actual usage is extremely slow when I compare it to Pages. Opening long documents takes forever, and doing a word count is not instant by a long shot. I mean, other than that it works fine (and unlike Pages has auto save), but I mean,...
How about that we have hardly seen any new feature or innovation in the last 2 years and 10 months? (Snow) Leopard is old already!
Apple is slacking off. A year after Snow Leopard is released we're still just on 10.6.4 and there's no mention at all of 10.7. Five years ago an entire new version of OS X would have been released in that time.
New Posts  All Forums: