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The new icons are ugly. Although I am a fan of the aqua style in general, I also like the newer photo realistic style in newer versions of OS X. Microsoft had the matching aqua style in versions past, why do they have to ruin it with something that matches Windows XP instead of OS X? Even if they just take the Windows icons, they are nice and photo-realistic style and would work fine! New splash screen sucks too. Beta 2 screen is awesome.
I think a flat back and something other than a completely solid-black front is signaling a new style in Apple's future. Hopefully something with more anti-reflect screens.
This is a story? Must be a slow news day.
I hope this boxy thing is a new trend for Apple's mobile devices. A big problem with the iPad IMO is the curvy back. Makes it impossible to put on the table and type. But they've got to get some rubber pads on the bottom.
I do not think that there will be a preloaded National Geographic app. Makes no sense. Not visible in the other images of the iPad -- and if it was preloaded it would have to be on all images. No such Nat Geo iPhone app icon looks like that. Could just be an example of 3rd party apps....
Back up. Are you telling me that after Apple finally got the Mini DVI to be standard, they are ditching it and going to force new Mac buyers to ditch their existing mini dvi adapters?
I sure hope it's resolution independence, but don't get your hopes up.
I have a late 2006 iMac purchased in early 2007. Less than three years old! I bought Snow Leopard. I have a copy of Windows 7 I tried to install when it came out. (Need Windows to check IE compatibility in websites I design.) Big problem, lack of proper support meant it was a big failure and I had to get rid of the partition. So I wait months for Apple to finally support it. And I check Software Update, and it won't install it. Any reason? I mean what the heck? So I use...
I, too, noticed *minor* download speed improvement and *minor* upload/ping speed decreases. The main thing I like about Chrome is the Inspect Element feature. Very useful in web development IMO. The main thing I don't like is lack of extensions. If I could add an adblocker to it, only then would I consider it for serious browsing. It's funny, I've got Gmail in Chrome with Google's Public DNS. Hi there Google!
Everything Google does is great and all, but it makes me nervous when that one company can have access to so much information: People's documents, people's web browser, people's OS, people's email, people's IM, people's telephone calls, people's medical records, people's search terms, people's checkout accounts, people's bookshelves, people's news feeds, people's blogs, people's driving directions, people's photos, people's geolocation, people's video, people's...
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