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Chrome OS is a nice idea, but there's just some things that I can't do in a web browser that I need to do every day. Sure, it may be great for getting quick access to the internet and email, and it might even be fine for making documents and keeping track of my appointments, but for so much else you either can't do what you want in a browser or you can't do it the the extent or the way that you want. This will make it so Chrome OS is limited to personal use (like I can't...
FINALLY!! Now the screen doesn't freaking go to the brightest setting anymore after me putting it on the dimmest and turning it off/on!
Not from what I've seen in forums. The vast majority demand matte, some say that they see the merits of both, and some say that they prefer glossy. But you would be surprised by the number of people I've seen who say that they will not buy a 13" MBP or an iMac with the super-glossy display. Any display that my parakeet keeps on pecking at is one that's to reflective to see the beautiful LED screen properly.
Well, that's great, but... With an HD display, why no Blu Ray? And more importantly, what use is the great screen when it's blocked by an ultra-glossy sheet of glass? No matte option?
What moron would pick either the first one or the one they're most familiar with when the list is only 5 long? They'll actually be more likely to pick Firefox than Safari because that's the browser that everyone always talks about on the web as being best. I bet Mozilla would have preferred alphabetically by browser name to put Firefox first rather than alphabetically by company name or by market share. Yeah, a list that's so long, a person can't look at all those...
I think "Apple Mouse" might just be the name. They don't sell an "iKeyboard" now do they? iMouse Touch would be cool :P
I would like to see just one bug fixed: Allow the dimmest screen setting to be saved upon reboot.
Rosetta will not slow down Snow Leopard. I have no idea why it wasn't a default install, other than maybe pressuring developers to focus on Intel now. Apple has also pushed some driver updates, so who knows, maybe those'll work without rosetta.
The only things I want, are: Dust filter over intake vent. Restoration of the remote control holder magnet. Restoration of the sleep indicator light. Anti-reflect screen option. Color option (I prefer white, why does the iMac have to be black?). Basically revert to the white iMac, add the air filter, and put in modern hardware! Although getting rid of that ugly area below the screen and using a more stable stand would also be nice. Can you name one person that didn't...
No, I don't think Apple would hire him in the first place.
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