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So uh... When can I expect to see this in Ubuntu?
Good article. But are you saying that Apple's screening for malware with the iPhone making it more secure? Because it's not, it's screening other kinds of content. It is simply a side-effect that this eliminates the ability to download infected apps. And other content in iPhone's Safari is another potential issue.
Side effects of an early upgrade.
Maybe the fix that will make it so displays set to the darkest level don't revert to the brightest level on reboot will come in 10.6.2? This has been a problem in 10.5.8 also.
Psystar should be sued to force them to sell their software to make OS X available to everyone who can't afford to buy a *new* pc.
That feature has existed for a while. It doesn't warn you that a file is specifically malware like this screenshot.
Yeah, ok this is not the first place I've seen this design (screenshots of alleged Golden Master install icon). But, it sorta doesn't exactly match Apple's art that they post on their official website: http://www.apple.com/macosx/ And this new design is totally ugly and unlike anything has ever done. A PICTURE of a SNOW LEOPARD??? It's just a codename for goodness sakes. The VERSION NUMBER is what's always prominent. Not a picture of a snow leopard printed on a white...
Huh? This looks like iPhone OS given a desktop... new apple os?
This is not the last update. 10.6 is not like some total automatic replacement of 10.5. 10.5.9 will be the last, and it will come in about a month as a final tweak.
First, this pricing influences ALL PCs, not just netbooks. Second, about a year ago, Netbooks were taking to Linux very easily. The trend has moved to XP for now, but the trend will reverse again now with Chrome OS and higher Windows 7 pricing.
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