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Common Man? No Modern Man... MODERN MAN He's too straight and you can wait Modern man I've only got time for a few, and not you Modern man I'll push you hard, I can't know you Modern man 'Cause then we'd have to be friends, and that just won't do Modern man, Modern man Living tomorrow is everyone's sorrow Modern man's daydreams have turned into nightmares It's for you that I sing to share what I feel Modern Man The things I need in this world Modern...
Oh please people...stop it. The Palestinians HIJACKED (something they know very fuckin' well to do) and they HAD GUNS. "Take us to the hospital or we'll blow your United Nations head off!" "Ok." /stupiddumbasstopic
Agreed. But as a person Pope John was a decent man in his beginnings. But I hope he put Bush in his place for thinking he's the leader to bring "rapture" down on our ass. /stillthinkpopebitchslappedarbusto
Yes, it's a terrible disease. My father had Parkinson's and though the symptoms are different...it can be a long and drawn out ordeal. Rest easy cowboy. In many ways he was a genuine American. But he fostered the people and ideology we have today (and their offspring) in office..and that really sucks. With that over with... /fuckhim
"Some of these guests are old classmates, some of them have been friends of theirs for many, many years," White House spokeswoman Erin Healy said. "They enjoy the opportunity to spend time with them." "Old classmates"... Yale? Wonder how many were also Skull and Bones members? /tinhatthought Moore reminds me of a P. T. Barnum of documentarists... P. T. Barnum's dying words - "What were tonight's receipts..."
Even though I didn't see it...after reading it I get the feeling that I was close to what he wanted to touch us with. That the memories of this day are one of many and of the ones that will come...if we don't stop fucking up. Just in Andy Rooney's way of commentary. Normal. Relax people, it's Andy Rooney.
You? Tears? Guess not. Let me tell you an experience I had last Sunday... I was with a group of friends at a bar. The jukebox started playing Stevie Wonder's "(I Just Called to Say) I Love You". The girl with us started crying. I asked her why. She said she suddenly thought of all the victims on 9|11 calling each other...saying their last goodbyes and she felt an immediate connection emotionally with Wonder's song to it. The whole table got very silent...we connected...
New Posts  All Forums: