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I don't know if you are being specific to Iraq or if you are also including America too. Sorry I don't have a credible link to this...but what about that Italian immigrant who was taken and detained for 4-6 months...just because he had been arrested years ago (and did jail time for) for a cocaine possession charge? The US authorities believed he was a suspected terrorist because of his past crime (and because of the Patriot Act). I remember the footage of his release...the...
Money grows on trees...therefore its organic. Just kidding. But I love Winston Smith's collage work. Good to hear that someone noticed what these science(sic)consultants and corporate(verysic)lackeys were doing.
Good Morning Abu Ghraib! Since I can't afford television access or have a stereo good enough to pick anything up except NPR on my clock radio... NPR rules. I listen to it and I have a clearer view of what all the other news media outlets screw-up into their own commercial/consumer driven needs. I understand why the general sheepolation out there haven't a clue now... They get their news from commercial and ideological swill like FUXNews. Thank you NPR. If I...
Good point. But fix your keyboard.
Yeah, but they go too far in the effort these days to suck. Christian X-Treme Metal? "Hard Hitting" Christian music?
Thinking. took three years to plan 9|11. Correct? Been three years. It's a stretch...I hope.
Women. Mostly.
...or The Crack Babies. Friend lent me his CD. Discomboobulated Punk is the only way to describe them. /thinkstoogessexpistolsminutemen
"Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be here somewhere. No, no weapons over there...maybe under here?"
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