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It's a neat idea. Networked news information stations and feeding that to a main reporter. Resolution aside...oh and the general crap of Fox News, let's give them some props for pulling this together.
No, Apple doesn't need Docomo. Docomo needs iPhone. They were stubborn and held their noses high for 5 years because they wanted to put their unneeded iMode shit on the phone and Apple refuses to degrade the experience that way. No crappy software made by docomo is going to be as gorgeous and well thought out as Apple software. And AU and SoftBank are both selling iPhone. It would ease network conditions if Docomo took on the iPhone but people who have held out for 5...
Apple is taxed on product sales around the world. Apple pays employment taxes around the world. If Apple centrally holds it's European profits in a European country, what's wrong with that? Apple was born in the US, but it manages international subsidiaries because it must by law and is taxed in each country by those laws. The question is, why should any company operating in this manner be forced to send money to the US? And obviously no one in their right mind would...
Also not true, as evidence has already shown that some of the new iMacs are assembled in California.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/06/apple-manufacturing-usa-macs_n_2249613.htmlhttp://techcrunch.com/2012/12/03/the-new-imac-designed-by-apple-in-california-assembled-in-usa/The problem (while price is not acknowledged but come on…) is lack of manufacturing skills in the US. How many people want to work in a factory these days? Our society moved towards service jobs...
My 2008 MBP is still going strong enough.  I'm waiting for Haswell processors for better battery life.
There are no new components *Yet*.  Perhaps people were buying stock configurations and so they weren't pushing their order of the 2.7Ghz processors for example, which were a BTO option.   Intel will release it's new Haswell processors this summer.  That's when something will actually change inside.  You didn't miss anything, just a cheaper price (which is also good)
It's more disconcerting that AI pushes these prices. What on earth are you talking about? 15" 2.7Ghz 768GB SSD Retina MBP(WITH Apple Care) is now $3,548 on the Apple Store website. How much is this B&H paying AI? $3321.0 is a $227 difference, not $700+. Incredibly misleading.
Imagine if Apple gained too much traction with the MacBook Air and then decided to move away from Intel processors again.  That's why they drive the "Ultrabook" initiative.  They don't want to be obsoleted by a design/technology shift from Apple.   That and they have to make their move into mobile properly or ARM will obsolete them when mobile products become more important.   Either way, Apple gets better chips for MBAs and users get longer battery life!
@drobforever retina is 2x the resolution, which is 4x the number of pixels. Yes, Android has many resolutions and developers piss and moan about it. You don't understand the craft of finely tuning a great app UI and then having to modify it for various sizes. Additionally, a higher resolution screen would need a bigger battery, which would make the device thicker and heavier and challenge getting a good 10 hours of use. However, lower color gamut as reported here **I...
Haha, awesome commercial. Still remains to see if it's a useful device. I'll never change, I don't even use my iPad that much. MacBook Pro ftw! ^^
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