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Haha, awesome commercial. Still remains to see if it's a useful device. I'll never change, I don't even use my iPad that much. MacBook Pro ftw! ^^
  No, it appears they kept all the edges.   Opening an Apple package is always a fun experience, although it's about two seconds and a few snapshots, and then there is something much better waiting, the product!  Move along people, move along.
Oh come on, are you really embarrassed? You're ashamed to be seen using it?I think Game Center's interface is clever and beautiful, unique specifically to it's app. I don't even use it.Tell me how you'd replace the bookshelf? Empty grid? Because showing the book covers is of visual importance. Yes you can have a scrolling table of book titles. It's minimal and functional. It doesn't excite or give a good feeling at all. It's BLAH. Go to Android. That's visual...
I'd say Jony Ive's minimalistic hardware design is what lets the hardware get out of the way so we can focus on software. Jobs always said at the heart of it, Apple is a software company.And what's a computer interface? Are you old enough to know those black screens with green text? Those were computer interfaces...That's an opinion. You're entitled to it. It just doesn't apply to everyone.Agreed, how else should Apple do a bookshelf? Just a list of books? Oh yeah,...
Josh Rabinowitz, the actor, was incredibly adorable. The commercials highlighted the great things you can do with Apple and the great support system (the Apple Genius). The stories were cute and frantic, really out there. And people who were offended…WTF? Let's turn the tables alittle bit since 95% of these comments are "Thank god". What the hell is wrong with your perception that you could be offended by these whimsical commercials? Or better yet, why are they so...
In most cases if you don't want ads, pay for software.
Saying IF Sony made an iPhone, what would it look like is saying if Sony made something which they in fact had never made. Therefore, there's no copying a non-existent product. Samsung is ridiculous, destroying documents and leaking court info. Are they trying to lose? How unethical. Obviously something to hide.
I'm looking forward to Mountain Lion.  For me, Mac is definitely improving.  I'll take this over Windows anyway.   I'm on my late 2008 MBP and it's still running.  That's almost 4 years now.   I sure would love a new MBP though.  Even with 2.53Ghz core 2 duo, 4 GB of RAM, and discreet nVidia graphics, everything runs, but the 13" MBA I use at work leaves it in the dust.  And yeah, as someone else said, improved battery life/usage would be appreciated in the...
Would you guys stop crying?   Do you think Apple doesn't know what they are doing?   Do you think Apple doesn't insanely test multiple prototypes first?   DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT APPLE???   Pre-WWDC excitement is ok. Pre-WWDC rumors, oh my!  doom and gloom! is so annoying. Just shut up and wait for Monday.   Thanks.
The better question is "did they use the same WWDC app for years before?"   Post Jobs...it's not a bad thing you know.
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