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Whoa whoa whoa!  Now that's exciting!  If they finally give us   a) a keyboard building API b) a way to set the keyboard language for our users (dictionaries and language learning)   that will be fantastic!
When I buy a book from Pragmatic Programmers, they customize the pdf with my name and offer it to me for download.  Not software, but similar.   Anyway, the iOS Developer portal has no customized SOFTWARE.  You can upload and request for developer certificates and provisioning profiles.  However, this are certificates and identities, not software.   This will probably be thrown out of court.
  You need to reword this or maybe you mean to be disrespectful to Japanese? (Not cool)  Samsung is from South Korea.
I've been holding off on replacing my 2008 Unibody MacBook Pro. I'm all ready for a thinner, more powerful MBP!
On this topic, it makes perfect sense and is open to a larger market to make a set-top box. However, if they feel that consumers won't pay a lot for another box, and therefore sales are limited, perhaps they think a full TV system offers a better experience and enough will buy in. In one example, if they plan to include iOS features like FaceTime and have a camera at the top, it would look much better integrated than placing a wired or wireless camera unit on top of...
No, it's not. The Japanese language has a LOT of words that sound exactly the same. The difference in meaning is found in the kanji used. So you can imagine, a language where you have to know the subject being spoken about and follow along in a conversation....how do you translate shorter spoken sentences? You have to make guesses about which words it might be. I wonder if you'll have to make some confirmations on word choice with Siri for Japanese...that would suck.
Consumers and nerds alike usually salivate over specs...to a point of obsession. What if more internal iOS stuff got off-loaded to the GPU with OpenCL? That beefier GPU doesn't need to sit around idle. Perhaps they can realize large performance gains and keep the same usage time with the larger battery. Remember 4x the pixels of a retina display are going to use more energy too. Basically, I'm just gonna say that Apple knows better than you and if you don't buy an...
For law, we have to quarrel over the small details that often may seem mildly bogus. The big picture is Google having access to Apple's board and buying a phone OS project and swinging it in the direction of what they saw in apple and knew they'd have to copy or there phone platform would be irrelevant. That's why Apple deserve justice against Android. (And Samsung is just as shameless)
RIM is a sinking boat and Apple is making gains in the enterprise.
There is nothing wrong with having a profit margin. If you haven't been keeping up in the last year iCloud is what I paid $99 a year for and it's now free. Billion dollar data centers and free cloud based services are a way of giving back to your users and making an even better product.
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