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Or will Apple just charge $29 for the iWork suite to everyone, end of story?
Apple gives plenty to intelligent shareholders. It's called increasing the stock price. And Apple gives to the world in technological advancement where other companies are stale and just out for money.
Because that idea has no creativity or vision. Apple is better than that. They give you what you didn't know you needed.
Nah, whether you jump on an iPad or get home and want to look up stuff in the textbook on a Mac, synchronized notes, bookmarks, and other data through iCloud will make multi-platform iBooks important. Or who knows...maybe it will be a completely new app for textbooks and education.
And when you see what the industry creates, you gotta be a little glad they follow. They're not capable of innovating on their own and Apple is doing the Windows users a favor.
Hahahahahahaha, he has to say things like this! That's his job. Build company morale! It's funny, "Apple's going down because we're about to flood the market with copies of their proven and successful designs!"
It's always good to be skeptical, but with Apple's track record, companies should listen. This should have been a no-brainer.
The problem is that many consumers are stupid. Many don't research. Because of this, you have to drum up marketing and focus on key features. I switched from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S. Siri is alright, I use it on occasion. The camera is better and the phone is faster. Not everyone needs to upgrade, but it's a better phone period. Nothing would ever lure me back to a Microsoft product, but I don't deny that Windows Phone 7.5 certainly has its merits and might be a...
Macs are fully unix-compliant and used in education and research. Apple will not restrict all software to the Mac App Store. However, the MAS does give a reliable place to get trusted software, do updates, etc. Apple will improve their security model in time and as best it can. We certainly don't have self-replicating viruses and patch Tuesday's on the mac yet!
People, be realistic. 4GB of RAM will be fine, I'm sure 8 will be an option It can't be as thin as an MBA or it'll warp/bend easily Point is it's PRO, we want speedy processors and graphics along with the reduced weight. So...it's not a larger MBA, but yeah, I'm all for what Apple knows I need! :P
New Posts  All Forums: