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I agree. I was a Nintendo child and I love classics like Mario and Zelda. I would pay for them on iOS. But this is the era of convergence devices. I have an iPhone 4S in my pocket. That's good enough for me. I just wish Apple would make an official button mashing accessory that plugged in the bottom and clipped over the top giving us some buttons and a d-pad or analogue stick. It could fold up in compact form for storage. Come on Nintendo!!!!
Well, there are two things here. Knowing how all Apps with their unique names sound, and security. When Apple figures out how to add these things in properly and carefully, I'm sure it will happen.
Steve Jobs was not always the nicest man, or the most humble, but he achieved great things, was an excellent presenter, slave driver, thinker and visionary. No doubt he wanted to pass that on. It's not easy to shape the way one thinks, especially at an older age. But if you are trained for 3 years to think at every step WWSD? (What would Steve do?) then I think you could certainly maintain a good level of "Apple DNA" after he passed away. I certainly hope so. I have...
I'm pretty sure Softbank has been the only carrier in the world to continuously offer free iPhones with 2 year contracts. They've done well. I see iPhone 4 devices everywhere I go. I'm not surprised that the exclusivity will come to an end, but I am disappointed that Docomo remains so stupidly stubborn in negotiations with Apple. It will only hurt them, seriously. Docomo is known to have a very strong network and many of their subscribers want iPhones. That's why...
This is really as pathetic as the Psystar thing. I wonder if Samsung realizes this can have a negative effect on their image. And they bite the hand that feeds them...unless they already knew Apple was leaving them for other components companies.
These guys know iPhone inside and out. How can you not want them on your team. That's dedication and skill and I'm sure it's much more to do with creating a stronger, safer user experience than just "battling jail breaking".
Thunderbolt lets multiple protocols run through. However, it doesn't bake in the controllers for each protocols. A USB 3.0 controller would still be required somewhere. But, because of daisy chaining another Thunderbolt cable could be plugged into the USB 3.0 hub. I don't think it seems like an optimal solution though.
Uneducated comment, but I think there is a difference between protecting your designs and innovations and throwing old patents around or as this article talks about, patents for general, old standard technologies. Quite frankly though, I say it comes down to the consumer. I'd be ashamed to be carrying around a knock-off with poorer user experience. It's like when you don't want anyone to know your Coach bag is a knock off. From a distance, looks great. But the...
OS X and iOS have technology to spread work among the cores. 4 cores mean 4 instructions executing simultaneously. Operating systems are complex beasts, especially the mobile variants. They have a baseband running the cellular networking, they are open for notification processing, playing audio, running apps (not just third party apps). So much to be done that you can be sure 4 cores will be used.
Umm, Canon just recently released drivers for Lion. My Canon laser printer had drivers for SL.
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