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Apple has processor designers. Apple is a investor and licensor of PowerVR Graphics technologies They merge it all into iPad 1/2 which is hitting at least Playstation 2 graphics. But ridiculously good battery life. But doesn't have a keyboard. People complain about no full desktop, but... Lion is so...touchy. Everything from dock to mission control to launchpad just screams, "TOUCH ME!" Roadmap...
I remember when iPod sales were all analysts talked about. Now the decline of iPod sales means nothing.
I only sync bookmarks, contacts, and calendars. Seems those will all be in iCloud
As always, I'll chime in. Softbank in Japan has always been offering the lower of the two available capacities of iPhone for free with a two year contract. There is no need for Apple to be doing this for the carrier unless Softbank is eating major margins with this offer. iPhone should offer a great experience, period. It doesn't need to be fractured like Android.
1) Lame that as usual everyone copies Apple's design 2) More lame that Intel, the sole laptop/desktop provider of Apple is promoting it (Shouldn't they like a shift away from Windows machines that may have AMD chips?) Absolutely agreed that people really need to wake up about the crap that is Windows.
Skype has become garbage. Most people I know wont upgrade past 2.8 on the Mac although screen sharing in 2.8 doesn't work in Lion, sad. Skype on iPhone? Please. As a developer, it makes me sick to fully understand that long, laggy, slow-loading chats are due to being rendered in HTML rather than like all the other messengers that embraced using UITableView or UIScrollView properly. Developers at Skype clearly have their heads up their butts.
And even if he did, I don't want a home screen of app icons always on my desktop. This is not an iOS device, and Apple happily recognizes that.
Absolutely not. You can install Java. Just like before you can drag apps into the applications folder. Nothing new here. Just that App Store makes your life easier, a click and you've got the app downloaded to your folder, added to Launchpad, ready to go. Updates, you're covered. Don't have to find and manage serial numbers, etc. God, what's with everyone's ridiculous panicking? Are you all trolls trying to give Lion a bad rep. As a developer I've been using it...
I have great doubt in your statements. I'm running Lion on last years 1.6Ghz 11.6" MBA and I have no speed problems whatsoever.
Takes resources to produce and ship those usb versions of Lion. Digital downloads should be cheaper period. same for books, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: