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With all major retail outlets selling computers with Windows, Microsoft seems pathetic to think stores are going to improve its image.
I believe there is a curve in a field of technology between technological advances and speed of obsolescence. There are many factors that fall into this as well including manufacturing limitations, costs, etc. Basically, a new field of technology races out of the gates and changes rapidly. It tends to slow down and become more stable. I'm on a 3 year old MacBook Pro running Lion with a 2.53 Ghz Core 2 Duo and 4GB of RAM and Lion runs great. There used to be a time...
Japan's wages are lower. Total different world over here.
I agree. Samsung makes displays and chips so they may think they can produce a device for lower cost and capture part of the market. However, judging by the track record of other tablets and the fact that android is fragmented and the marketplace isn't nearly as successful as the App Store, you'd think people would prefer a long-term device line up and innovative platform like iOS. I highly doubt Samsung will make billions in revenue to replace losing Apple's component...
All these people racing to make tablets and I just wonder, why would anyone want them? What's the long-term killer feature? How useable are they? Yes, I'm biased, but I'd argue that iOS (iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad) are a platform. Yes, the iPhone 3G is not getting iOS 5, so it's updates life was 3 years. However, mobile smart platforms are in their infancy and there was a time when computers were obsolete in 3 years. the hardware is catching up now and the...
BS Apple moves their own hardware, keeps things simple, provides updates. Limits sales to people who are in the market for a new TV. In it's current form, that little black box known as Apple TV hooks up to any TV for a low cost.
Looking at the images, it's actually quite disgusting. Samsung should be ashamed. It's pathetic. Just put yourself in Apple's shoes and you'd be really pissed off that someone copied your cool stuff too.
Err, this only half-correctly explains how it works but I can't say anything else. Developers are supposed to respect their NDAs. ^^;
Haha, I'll keep that in mind! But in my case Tokyo gets hot and sticky and even on my MBA trackpad sometimes my sparkling clean fingers start to drag. Yeah...we're not really supposed to use AC too much this summer either ^^; (fear of power outages)
http://www.apple.com/icloud/what-is.html As I said, iCloud for anything, coming this Fall. It won't be visible or enabled in Lion next month. It will arrive with iOS 5, since that's it's greatest purpose anyway.
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