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Hahahahaha, exactly. As a developer I'll tell you that this is called proper internationalization and localization. It goes much further than just setting a base language. You need to be considerate of a country's culture, slang, etc. So some of you can enjoy British English, others Australian English, and others American English, etc. (But we all know which is the best of course...hehe)
I agree with all the *meh*s....and it's my birthday, woohoo!
Got my order in. Should have done it earlier. I hope it gets filled. I understand Apple wants to make great batteries inside their MacBooks, batteries that don't require bringing an external along, but until they do and being that they are starting to seal in batteries, they ought to license MagSafe for official Mac accessories.
I'm a programmer. I want to checkout my code on an 11" MBA and go to a cafe or work where I please. I have a 15" MBP and I'm really looking forward to my MBA being delivered in a week. In the store they seem responsive but I didn't have a chance to test Xcode. Maybe I'm a fool for rushing to it, but that little 11" is really moving. I just wish they didn't have the nasty silver bezel around the screen.
Honestly, I think iPhoto is a pretty awesome app, but I don't use the rest. IMHO iLife upgrade can't possibly be as exciting as hardware/OS innovation.
Buddy, this is no gadget. Look at everything Apple has built up in power efficiency over the last three years. The iPad can sit in lock mode for a month and have a charge. This new little Air is going to be a full little computer that is just on and ready to use. Maybe even a touch screen. It's not far off the size of iPad. 10.7 is going to usher in something fantastic, a plethora of advances as Mac OS and iOS help eachother grow. I'm personally excited.
Well, Apple actually spends the money on user interface research and before iPad was released to the public there were rumors that apple was buying 7" and 10" touch screen panels. No doubt they tested numerous sizes before deciding on the current iPad size. I accept the reality-distortion field because it usually becomes the new reality when people start using the products. I don't think this is fake, I think this is using great marketing to move consumer opinions. It's...
Epic Citadels is beautiful, textures, lighting, reflections, wow. I'm really looking forward to seeing what games come out of the engine. This probably explains why Apple let up on the restrictions too. I'm sure Apple wants developers to have access to the Unreal 3 engine as it has a hefty reputation. Big name software houses already using the UDK are probably going to jump on this big time!
I don't quite think so. the volume and clicking to pause/start/advance songs is great. Use it all the time with my iPhone. Great for the shuffle too. You don't have to remember where you clipped the little thing hehe.
To the guy who wants default in-ear headphones: Then buy them! The darn thing is $49 silly!
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