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apple:  "sure, we'll pay the fine.  just after samsung pays theirs."
now if only messenger will be put back into the facebook app or at least made easier to effing log out
not sure how the sim-free unlocked iphone 6's differ from the previous unlocked iphone 6's.  they're the same except for the included t-moble sim in the previous unlocked iphone 6's.  both are unlocked and can be used with any gsm carrier.  
where will those samsung smart guys go?
why don't protestors ever go to skid row or south central to do their demonstrations?
and it will now be called microsoft messenger...
take that, tony fadell!
the possibility of your documents being looked at by the government? the possibility of some other party illegally accessing your documents? the possibility of your private documents being uploaded to some "secure" public central location without your knowledge? the fact that such a service which exposes mac users to these possibilities is now being forced upon them by apple? what's not to love about icloud?
New Posts  All Forums: