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the iphone?
$12 for a flawless iPhone 4?  Heck, I'll pay $25 for one.  
Thanks for your reply!  I actually got Apple to replace my display without charge by talking to tech support online.  I told them about the Apple discussions thread regarding the display issue.  I'm not sure if that helped but it didn't hurt.  I already took my laptop to a local Apple Store.  Now I'm just waiting to pick it up.
Hi audiounit, Which Apple Store did you take your laptops to?  I took mine to the one in Pasadena, California.  The Genius said he had never seen this problem before and simply tried to rub the blemish off with a microfiber cloth.  (It made it worse.)  Anyway, the Genius offered to replace the display for about $400.  I declined.  I'm surprised he had never seen or heard of this problem.  Perhaps I should go to an Apple Store that has? Jerry
apple:  "sure, we'll pay the fine.  just after samsung pays theirs."
now if only messenger will be put back into the facebook app or at least made easier to effing log out
not sure how the sim-free unlocked iphone 6's differ from the previous unlocked iphone 6's.  they're the same except for the included t-moble sim in the previous unlocked iphone 6's.  both are unlocked and can be used with any gsm carrier.  
where will those samsung smart guys go?
why don't protestors ever go to skid row or south central to do their demonstrations?
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