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nice penmanship
i removed messenger long ago. i couldn't see any advantages of it over the one embedded in the Facebook app.
i'm not a big fan of the 'your verse' campaign. i find them kinda spooky.
iTunes contacts and calendar syncing over USB will be back? Woo hoo! This makes perfect sense and should never have required iCloud for it to work. Thanks for listening, Apple!
Yes but what was the Sony phone Apple copied?
So what was the Sony phone Apple copied?
in the next update, please get rid of the requirement to use iCloud for syncing contacts with the iPhone. the requirement to use iCloud is infuriating. aside from privacy issues, what happens if you're on a plane or volunteering in a remote village in africa and you need to sync? you can't. and there's no good reason to require the internet, not just a local area network mind you, but the global internet to simply exchange information between two devices that are right...
korea fair trade commission? sounds like a conflict in terms.
so we're laying off teachers and enforcing a hiring freeze to buy gadgets???
No surprise here. It's the only way Microsoft can sell their crappy products. They make deals with companies and companies force people to use them. It worked for them before with Windows. Whenever users have a choice, they choose Apple.
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