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  Not necessarily.  I depends on what the geeks choose to obsess over.  If it's academics, computers, comic books, quantum physics, etc., then good luck to them finding a woman.  But they obsess over fitness, playing sports, acting or singing in a rock band, these geeks will have little trouble finding women, with the appearance of the geeks being equal.  Of course there are exceptions to either group.  But it's true that there are many socially awkward yet very talented...
Asking for more money after you're already paid for the app should be illegal. If the developer wants more money for the app, they should just charge more. I hate hidden fees.
Microsoft keeps going back to its me-too strategy because it worked before when it came up with Windows. Unfortunately it didn't use its force-its-products-onto-the-people strategy like it with Windows when it managed to convince businesses and computer makers to use it. Its the only way to get people to use their mediocre products.
it's still too expensive
There are pictures of every angle of these glasses except for the one that matters the most-- the front.
"a pro-Apple decision would further cement Samsung's role as a copycat" But we already knew that.
Now they get to play Angry Birds while they fly.
Discrete graphics processor on the 13" MacBook Pros please.
Apple would like Google to pay royalties for the Android OS.
yep, this is the extent of samsung's innovative capabilities
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