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Since some of these recently approved patents build on the ones Samsung has accused of being invalid, does this mean they will more likely be reaffirmed as valid at the patent office?
Samsung should've settled.
No surprises here.
Are we to believe that Samsung "has agreed to more than twenty revised instructions proposed by Apple"?  This coming from a company that destroyed evidence, released unapproved fabricated documents to the media, and claimed it drew inspiration from a bowl of water?
she got her inspiration after hitting her head on a toilet bowl
From Samsung:  "It is inconceivable that Mr. Jobs, CEO of Apple during the relevant time period and inventor of the infringed patents, had so few e-mails on issues in this case and none since October 5, 2011..."
samsung didn't copy apple any more than that street vendor in downtown copied rolex.  how can you patent a circle?
don't do it!  it's a trap!
yep, i'm getting tired of hearing about this lawsuit too.  c'mon samsung!  just stop copying apple products and pay the fine so we can move on with our lives.
i'm sorry but wasn't jony ive just knighted?  the judge should just ask him if he thinks samsung copied his designs.
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