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There are pictures of every angle of these glasses except for the one that matters the most-- the front.
"a pro-Apple decision would further cement Samsung's role as a copycat" But we already knew that.
Now they get to play Angry Birds while they fly.
Discrete graphics processor on the 13" MacBook Pros please.
Apple would like Google to pay royalties for the Android OS.
yep, this is the extent of samsung's innovative capabilities
Time for the judge to triple the award amount.
Wow, if Samsung forces a mis-trial from this, this would set a bad precedent for future jury-decided trials.  Justice would slow to a crawl.  Can you imagine?   If you don't get the verdict you want, you simply question all the jurors later-- and question them to death-- until you get the answer you want.  With 12 members on the jury, I'm sure it would be easy to find an answer you want.  Then you can present this to the judge and wait for a re-trial.  
  I doubt he needed to do much bullying.  I bet the jurors were practically begging him to lead them through all the legal jargon and technical mumbo jumbo discussed in the courtroom so that they could just be done with this and go home.
Conversely, the judge in the U.S. should force Samsung to place an ad saying Samsung did copy Apple.
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