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Conversely, the judge in the U.S. should force Samsung to place an ad saying Samsung did copy Apple.
"Judge Robin Jacob said that Apple's advertisement on its own website was 'a plain breach of the order.'" The only thing plain to see is that Samsung copied Apple.
this is so microsoft. they get rid of the only thing worth seeing in that store.
Cute commercials, as always. Too bad they didn't bring back Jeff Goldblum for these.
Samsung Senior is investigating Samsung Junior?  I think we already know what the Korean "Fair Trade" Commission will say.
This just proves how important Apple's "look and feel" is to consumers.  And this is what happens if you take it away from those Samsung phones.  The Samsung phones may very well be well-made with some specs that exceed that of the iPhone, but without Apple's intuitive interface, no one will want to use them.  So to those who've minimize the importance of Apple's "look and feel" and thought it shouldn't be patented because it has little value, just look at what's...
Since some of these recently approved patents build on the ones Samsung has accused of being invalid, does this mean they will more likely be reaffirmed as valid at the patent office?
Samsung should've settled.
No surprises here.
Are we to believe that Samsung "has agreed to more than twenty revised instructions proposed by Apple"?  This coming from a company that destroyed evidence, released unapproved fabricated documents to the media, and claimed it drew inspiration from a bowl of water?
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