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samsung didn't copy apple any more than that street vendor in downtown copied rolex.  how can you patent a circle?
don't do it!  it's a trap!
yep, i'm getting tired of hearing about this lawsuit too.  c'mon samsung!  just stop copying apple products and pay the fine so we can move on with our lives.
i'm sorry but wasn't jony ive just knighted?  the judge should just ask him if he thinks samsung copied his designs.
hey, where are all the apple haters?  usually they have plenty to say.  wonder what they think of the "company policy" to delete all e-mail just after 2 weeks.  who does that?  what company does that???  lol!  i can come up with a few excuses myself but i'd like to hear their thoughts about this one.
be afraid.  be very afraid.
wasn't jonathan ive just knighted?  doesn't that mean anything?
once again microsoft is reactive, not proactive
why? coz there's money to be had.
well, anything is possible
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