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well, anything is possible
here they come
they got the big mac, i got the big mick.  their buns have sesame seeds, my buns have no seeds.
now racing games can be even more realistic
"Ballmer introduced the new device, likening it to the Xbox 360 in that it has a strong synthesis of software and hardware that push each other to new limits."   This new device is also like the devices, albeit not as elegant, made by a famous company that's known for creating products with tight integration of hardware and software.  I wonder what company this is...
I would love to see a slimmer 13" MacBook Pro.  I've been waiting for this ever since the MacBook Air came out.  I never liked that tapered/clamshell look.  
Stay strong, Tim!
Apple's next offer to Proview should be $1.
i'm predicting cyberdyne systems will be the one that figures out how to use liquid metal...
So I can unlock the locked iPhone 4 I bought at an Apple Store recently, even though I didn't by the contract? Technically, my iPhone 4 is out of contract because it was never in one. Has anyone in a similar situation been able to unlock theirs?
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